The best holiday gift for you and your loved ones

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” -Buddha

Whether traveling for work or wanderlust, we all seek the same comfort along the way: a soft pillow upon which to lay our head, a dark corner to rest our eyes, and a fresh respite from the noxious aromas that often accompany traveling by air or train. We believe you can create your own luxury retreat anywhere you go as long as you have this set in your bag.

The Travel & Gift Set is a must for any traveler. As pretty as a petit four yet as protective as a cocoon, this gift set is expertly designed with the modern traveler in mind. Say au revoir to bed-head from sleeping in your seat. Bid “maskne” adieu.

Instead, luxuriate in the protective caress from the most delicate textile on earth for the most delicate skin on your body: your eyes, your lips, your cheeks. Escape into a personal sensory sanctuary anytime, anywhere by slipping on your eye mask, melting into a pillow of silk, and breathe easily behind a silken mask. Total decompression for your body, mind, and soul. The best holiday gift for you and your loved ones.

Travel in style. Relax in tranquility. Arrive refreshed.

This gift set includes

  • 100% 30 momme Pure Silk Pillowcase
  • 100% 22 momme Pure Extra Wide Silk Eye Mask
  • 100% Pure Silk Face Mask (7 melt brown filters included)

What makes our finest silk the absolute best material against your skin and hair?

Our products are made from the highest quality measured weight of silk - literally the softest silk on earth, while retaining the infamous durability of silk to last longer than most

  • 100% washable silk
  • Anti-aging - A bold claim, but one we can back up with science. Silk is frictionless against the skin relative to traditional cotton fabrics. Less friction = more retained moisture in your skin to prevent wrinkles and dryness
  • Less hair damage than traditional pillowcases - Again, reduced friction means no hair damage or split ends
  • No dust mites - eliminate allergies caused by dust mites
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial & non-irritating
  • Better hair, glowing skin, enhanced sleep & reduced wrinkles - Arrive at your destination fully rested and ready for what awaits.


All of Fait avec Coeur's silk products are OEKO-TEX®BSCI, and ISO certified.