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I love it. I can't tell you how much. My hair has never been this healthy, shiny and strong. I bought it because I read that silk helps retain moisture from products and reduces the friction that causes our hair to wake up full of knots and breakage. And 100% it does the job. My hair was super damaged before, and now it looks like I've done a thousand treatments when all I did was swap my pillocase. Miraculous!

Best silk pillowcase for acne.

This silver ion infused 30 momme silk pillowcase is pure luxury and works wonders for fighting acne! I’ve purchased all kinds of different pillowcases, this is hands down the best quality one. As a long-term member of the acne club, it's extremely exciting that after only a few months, my stubborn acne is almost completely gone! It's now the vital last-step of my night skincare routine.

Best sheets that I own

The warmer seasons are approaching and I've been struggling to sleep comfortably because of the sweats. These sheets are sooo buttery soft, cooling, and feel super luxurious! They are deep-fitted which I really appreciate because most sheets don't fit my thick mattress. I have been loving bedtime thanks to these sheets, and eve my cat loves it too!

Amazing sleeping mask

I love this mask a looooot! It is super soft and very comfy. It's neither too tight nor too loose thanks to a flexible elastic band. I don't feel any pressure on my eyes while sleeping. Which is always a huge problem with other sleep masks. And I love how large it is. It perfectly covers my eyes and areas around to avoid any light go through. I truly don't feel it while sleeping at all (unlike most of the other sleep masks I've tried). And I love the cooling effect of the silk and how soft my skin feels after I'm taking it off. I have it in grey color. Love it and keep recommending it all the time to all of my friends.

Game changer!

Omg! This pillowcase is so AMAZING! Finally I'm sleeping on the clouds. Can't imagine going back to regular cotton pillowcases anymore. It looks gorgeous and feels incredibly soft. And yes, it's insanely comfortable. The best thing is that my hair became less freezy and damaged after I switched to this pillowcase. And as I love to sleep either on a side or facing a pillow, my skin started to benefit from it too. I got rid of “sleep lines”. I have it in the color grey. The quality is amazing, and it has a legit hidden zipper that keeps the pillow in place. Highly recommend!


Received this and couldn’t wait to wear it! It feels super soft and silky. I wore the rose gold chain with mine so it looked stylish and stayed on my neck when it wasn’t in use. Can’t wait to get another one!! ❤️ Great job!

Love it!

I cannot keep track of how many compliments I get on all 3 colors I got. They are super comfy, breathable and fashionable! I love to share the site with anybody that asks.
Thank you for my complimentary chain.

Amazing mask!! And pillow case :)

I absolutely love my mask and pillow case! Silk is definitely my new passion after getting your products!! In love!! Thank you so much :)

Finally a mask that has it all!!

Highly recommend it!!
Much like a lot of folks, I have gone through multiple types of mask looking for the one
- fits my face perfectly!! It covers the nose well and even has a wire to mold around your nose so the mask stays snug. It fits over my the chin comfortably. It has adjustable strings around the ears.
- easy to breathe in
- doesn’t fog up
- it even has a pocket for putting in a filter inside should you want
- feels great!! It is silk :)
- looks good (it is important :)
- the price is right and totally worth it.

I bought two so that I can have the one available when another is being washed :)

Light as a feather

I feel like a ninja in this mask. It covers up to just below the eyes so the delicate skin there is excellently protected. It looks chic, even on a guy which is great. Don’t think I could wear another mask after trying this one out. I’ll take on in every color please.

Trust me, just buy it.

This pillow case is luxuriously soft and the color is so lovely, the big selling point though is that you don’t have to wash it as often and it really does help with acne. I have had some stubborn texture that has finally cleared up since using this and it legitimately has prevented breakouts. My only complaint is that it snags pretty easily, I have 25 momme pillowcases that are holding up better than these 30 momme ones. Silk is strong but delicate and snags happen so it’s really a pretty small issue. I hope that they make silk pillowcases woven with silver in the future instead of just a treatment that wears off overtime, I would pay extra to have the acne fighting powers of silver permanently woven in with the softness of 30 momme silk.

Lady in Red

Love my red silk mask. Great accessory to match my red 👠 shoes. ❤️

Silky smooth

I purchased the black eye mask with the matching pillowcase. Love love love how silky soft both items are. I plan to purchase more pillowcases in the future.

100% Silk Face Mask
Gabriela D.L.
I am obsessed with my silk mask !

It’s the softest most comfortable mask I’ve owned all year! I feel fancy and stylish when I wear it. The best part is, the soft material feels so good and is gentle enough to not cause discomfort in any breakouts I get through the month!

Highly recommend it! Keeping an eye for the lavender one.

So chic!

Perfect for a professional look!

I love it. Good quality and matches all of my outfit.

100% Silk face masks

Love Love Love this silk mask! The 100% silk feels wonderful and is very comfortable with adjustable ear loops. Included with the mask are filters that are easily to replaced (pictured below) The customer service was beyond excellent and I received my order promptly.

100% Silk Face Mask
Katherine A.
So many compliments!

The most elegant mask I've seen, affordable price point. Comfortable, looks chic - I wore it to my meetings today and got so many compliments. Can't recommend highly enough! :)

Pillow cases

So I bought some pillowcases before from a different company and decided to purchase some from here...the comparison is unbelievable..these pillowcases are made so much better then other brands.. thicker, softer..I will be purchasing more in the future again.


I have 3 sets of their queen size pillow cases and I absolutely love them - they are soft, silky, durable, and the zippers are a nice touch. Highly recommend these!


THE MOST exceptional silk pillowcase i have in my linen closet. Well, it doesn’t spend any time there with the others!
i wash and redress my bed as soon as it is dried. THE most beautiful i have ever felt!
Luxurious weight and feel
Exceptionally chosen and assembled! Zipper doesn’t cause holes surrounding ends due to improper weight of zipper chosen for material, like many other brands. Really, the top of the line
i even bought extras to keep in my travel bag so my luxurious sleep (face, and hair) travels with me wherever i go!
thank you

I love this silk pillow cover. I bought to keep my curly hair from frizzing so I don’t have to restyle it daily. I also found that it helped with my rosacea. This was my second purchase so I could take one when I travel.


These pillowcases are divine, my skin and my hair are seeing massive benefits to using these over other pillowcases. Especially after deep cleaning facials or laser cleaning, they really help with the fight against hyperpigmentation and breakouts.

Best Sleep Ever

I love my new organic silk pillow cases. I also bought them for my son. They are great for your hair and skin. I could not go back to my old pillow cases.

Just what I needed!

These are amazing. I now own two - I had to get a second one so I can keep one for traveling, and one for home. I work very early hours which means I turn in early when the sun is still up in the evening, so this helps me fall asleep at night. I love how wide this eye mask is. It actually shields light out really well. The material is so silky and soft and does not cause acne - amazing bonus!! Would recommend to anyone! I bought one for my mom as a gift too. Get one for yourself, you won't regret it!