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Pillow cases

So I bought some pillowcases before from a different company and decided to purchase some from here...the comparison is unbelievable..these pillowcases are made so much better then other brands.. thicker, softer..I will be purchasing more in the future again.


I have 3 sets of their queen size pillow cases and I absolutely love them - they are soft, silky, durable, and the zippers are a nice touch. Highly recommend these!


THE MOST exceptional silk pillowcase i have in my linen closet. Well, it doesn’t spend any time there with the others!
i wash and redress my bed as soon as it is dried. THE most beautiful i have ever felt!
Luxurious weight and feel
Exceptionally chosen and assembled! Zipper doesn’t cause holes surrounding ends due to improper weight of zipper chosen for material, like many other brands. Really, the top of the line
i even bought extras to keep in my travel bag so my luxurious sleep (face, and hair) travels with me wherever i go!
thank you

I love this silk pillow cover. I bought to keep my curly hair from frizzing so I don’t have to restyle it daily. I also found that it helped with my rosacea. This was my second purchase so I could take one when I travel.


These pillowcases are divine, my skin and my hair are seeing massive benefits to using these over other pillowcases. Especially after deep cleaning facials or laser cleaning, they really help with the fight against hyperpigmentation and breakouts.

Best Sleep Ever

I love my new organic silk pillow cases. I also bought them for my son. They are great for your hair and skin. I could not go back to my old pillow cases.

Just what I needed!

These are amazing. I now own two - I had to get a second one so I can keep one for traveling, and one for home. I work very early hours which means I turn in early when the sun is still up in the evening, so this helps me fall asleep at night. I love how wide this eye mask is. It actually shields light out really well. The material is so silky and soft and does not cause acne - amazing bonus!! Would recommend to anyone! I bought one for my mom as a gift too. Get one for yourself, you won't regret it!

Great Purchase!

Love my pillow cases. Great for my skin and hair. And sleeps much cooler! Going to order more!

Great quality!

I have tried many kinds of silk masks but this one is better quality

The best silk pillow case ever

Amazing! I’ve tried several silk pillow cases and this is the best by far! Highly recommend.

Basically perfect!

Beautiful silk, gorgeous colors, I love the nose wire for a custom fit.

It's a perfect size for me but I wish there was another option just with longer ear strings for my boyfriend his face is larger than mine and he likes them a lot but it's hard for him to breathe as they are basically painted on his face lol.
Plenty of room for me tho, and my face is probably larger than average haha.

But they feel amazing, and don't make me break out at all. Def. Recommend.


I’ve tried several silk pillow cases and this is the best by far! Super soft/smooth. Highly recommend

Say Yes to the Pillowcase

Never thought I would like a silk pillowcase! I am beyond in-love with this silk pillowcase! Makes sleeping heavenly! This is going to by my girlfriend gift of the year!!

Best pillow case ever

I honestly didn't know how much a pillowcase could make a difference in my skin, but I am amazed at the difference a week has made (honestly more like a couple days). Even my husband can't stop raving about how comfortable they are.

Love love love

I love this pillowcase! My skin and hair have been better and it's so comfortable. It feels so luxurious! I'll never go back to cotton again!

Trust me, just buy it.

This pillow case is luxuriously soft and the color is so lovely, the big selling point though is that you don’t have to wash it as often and it really does help with acne. I have had some stubborn texture that has finally cleared up since using this and it legitimately has prevented breakouts. My only complaint is that it snags pretty easily, I have 25 momme pillowcases that are holding up better than these 30 momme ones. Silk is strong but delicate and snags happen so it’s really a pretty small issue. I hope that they make silk pillowcases woven with silver in the future instead of just a treatment that wears off overtime, I would pay extra to have the acne fighting powers of silver permanently woven in with the softness of 30 momme silk.

100% Silk Face Mask
Jennifer P.
Soft & Comfy

You can wear this all day and you'll want to! You can also add a filter to the mask for extra protection!

Love this color scheme!

I have been looking for this exact color scheme from a clean beauty perspective for months. This is the perfect combination - will definitely order again!

Good product!

The mascara is a good product, but it took me a few tries to learn to put it on smoothly. It can clump on your lashes, so make sure to scrape the brush on the edge of the container before you apply. Once on, the mascara stays on and doesn't smudge. It's easy to remove with water. I would recommend it!

100% Silk Face Mask
Kimberly C.

I really like the quality, and the adjustable sides make them fit my small face.

Something new for me, ready to see how it transforms my skincare.

I've never used a toner before - call me a skincare minimalist and naive person. Most I did (for anything, including makeup, which I don't wear) was moisturizer after washing my face. I tried this for the first time today combined with the moisturizer. I think it's working well so far but will keep using it for the next few days and weeks to see the effect it truly has. I've had acne problems, eye bags, bigger pores, and more wrinkles show up in the past few months because of lack of sleep, stress, and variety of other things. I'm hoping that this, the moisturizer and other skincare products I bought, plus my fancy new silk pillowcase, will solve these problems and more. Because, with a good night's sleep and clear skin, you have the confidence to do anything!

Working great so far!

I switched to this moisturizer yesterday, along with the Rosemary toner. So far my skin has adapted well to the abrupt change. The moisturizer doesn't take a lot to apply, just a little bit goes a long way, otherwise, it does feel greasy. But even hours later my face still feels soft and supple, unlike other products I've used and been using that leave dry spots as the day goes on. Combined with the new silk pillowcase, I'm so excited and ready for my acne and sleep problems to disappear.

Excited to try this new pillowcase out! Expecting huge improvement.

I've not had a good night's sleep for maybe three years. I toss and turn, and in the morning my face feels gross from all the debris and oils I picked up from the pillow overnight. I'm confident this new silk pillowcase will solve a lot of my sleep problems within just a couple of nights. My mental and emotional well-being, as well as my energy, depend on a solid night's sleep. Thank you for creating a great product like this for all of us out there suffering from sleep deprivation.

Favorite Mask So Far

I’ve tried about 20 masks since 2020 and these are by far my favorite! No breakouts, my skin is less dry after… love these!!

Our 8 year old's favorite blanket

Wow this blanket exceeded our expectations! It's so soft yet warm, our 8 year old's favorite blanket. I'm buying it for gifts for every kid in our family.