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Based on 67 reviews

Love love love! I have the queen size in silver and it’s my favorite thing to sleep with! The quality is the best part❤️

Lady in Red

Love my red silk mask. Great accessory to match my red 👠 shoes. ❤️

So lux!

This mask and pillowcase is sooooo smooth and silky - I can’t go back to basic covers anymore lol! A must have - also the packaging is soooo beautiful!

Love love

I love black plating chain so much that I already bought 7 of them now. All my friends & family love it because it's very thin so you can hardly notice it's there around your neck like a necklace. Your mask is right there hanging on your chest when you eat or drink without having tossed into your pocket or purse or dropped on the ground. Totally recommended❣️❣️

Amazing sleeping mask

I love this mask a looooot! It is super soft and very comfy. It's neither too tight nor too loose thanks to a flexible elastic band. I don't feel any pressure on my eyes while sleeping. Which is always a huge problem with other sleep masks. And I love how large it is. It perfectly covers my eyes and areas around to avoid any light go through. I truly don't feel it while sleeping at all (unlike most of the other sleep masks I've tried). And I love the cooling effect of the silk and how soft my skin feels after I'm taking it off. I have it in grey color. Love it and keep recommending it all the time to all of my friends.

Game changer!

Omg! This pillowcase is so AMAZING! Finally I'm sleeping on the clouds. Can't imagine going back to regular cotton pillowcases anymore. It looks gorgeous and feels incredibly soft. And yes, it's insanely comfortable. The best thing is that my hair became less freezy and damaged after I switched to this pillowcase. And as I love to sleep either on a side or facing a pillow, my skin started to benefit from it too. I got rid of “sleep lines”. I have it in the color grey. The quality is amazing, and it has a legit hidden zipper that keeps the pillow in place. Highly recommend!


They’re so beautiful packaged and are super soft and amazing to sleep on. I love using my pillow as it keeps me cooler in the night. It has so many good benefits too!! - super amazing for both your skin & hair🤩 xx

Love My Silk Pillowcase

My fiancé and I LOVE our new silk pillowcases. We ordered the light blue color in the queen size, which is divine. The color is so serene and comforting, while the silk is smooth and lulling. The zipper closure has been heaven sent... not just for keeping our pillows in place, but for easy hand washing too. And speaking of hand washing, laid these puppies flat to dry and they dried so, so quickly. My skin shouts merci!

j'adore fait avec coeur


I love just how comfortable + luxe it feels + looks!! Can't imagine not going to sleep without it anymore!! Can't wait to buy another one for my boyfriend, because at this point we're "fighting" for it haha :)


This mask is so lightweight, and a true luxury. I have sensitive skin and as someone who works in Healthcare, wearing this mask for 7+ hours was truly a godsend. It didn't bother me or give me the irritation or burning sensation that the cotton surgical masks do. I wear this underneath the surgical mask, and I realized how much the surgical masks slip (more when it's on top of the mask) and these don't! Even the adjustable straps weren't a bother! I barely even realized I had it on my ears! I bought in bright pink and green and they are both beautiful colors in person (and as pictured).

Favorite masks

At the beginning of the pandemic, I ordered 2 masks. A flesh-colored one (pale pinkish beige) and a black one. They are the only masks I wear. I get so many compliments on them. I finally decided to purchase a couple more colors: light blue and beige. They are the most comfortable masks on my sensitive skin. I am allergic to everything, but I can wear these masks all day without getting any facial irritation. I also don't have trouble breathing, which happens when I wear cotton masks from other companies. Another great feature is that they stay put! I am not constantly having to fix my mask while talking during meetings or in public when you don't want to be constantly touching your face. I would highly recommend purchasing these masks. Worth every penny. I wash mine every week and have had no trouble with durability. The ear straps on these masks also don't hurt behind my ears as the disposable masks do.


this mask is truly the most luxury, comfortable mask i have ever owned! I love that it has a pocket for filters as well. I’m so obsessed with it- never buying a mask from anywhere else again!!

Love it!

This pillow case is wonderfully soft and I love sleeping on it. I like that it has a zipper. I actually put crystals "under" my pillow and this is a great way to keep them from getting lost. I also love the face masks.

Silk pillowcase

The pillowcase is pure luxury! I’ve purchased all different silk and synthetic to be silk-like pillowcases. Fair avec coeur is wonderful due to feel of the fabric against my face. It’s not pilling from use as others I’ve purchased. The location of the zipper is great- accessible, but at the end of the case not partially down one side. My hair moves freely as I move my head around while sleeping - no more strands on my pillow upon waking from movement pulling them out with a cotton pillowcase! It’s also not drying out the skin on my face from laying on it. Well worth the cost!!!

Silky smooth

I purchased the black eye mask with the matching pillowcase. Love love love how silky soft both items are. I plan to purchase more pillowcases in the future.

I am obsessed with my silk mask !

It’s the softest most comfortable mask I’ve owned all year! I feel fancy and stylish when I wear it. The best part is, the soft material feels so good and is gentle enough to not cause discomfort in any breakouts I get through the month!

Highly recommend it! Keeping an eye for the lavender one.


These masked are comfortable, beautiful and high quality!

Beautiful and comfy

I love my mask. Well made and beautiful. Finally a soft and safe option!

Very nice

Very soft and comfortable. Fits well and looks better than the paper masks.

So chic!

Perfect for a professional look!

So chic!

I love this mask! I feel so chic. If you're going to have to wear a mask, it might as well turn heads!


100% worth the cost! feels GREAT on my skin, and not too tight on my ears as the soft straps are adjustable. Mask came with a few filters to insert also which was a thoughtful touch. The adjustable wire across the nose also ensures a snug fit. Hoping this will help cease some of the break outs I've been contending with after having to wear a mask for about 6-9 hours a day. Thank you, I love it!

Best mask i have tried!!!

These silk masks are amazing!!! I am a hairstylist wearing a mask 8 plus hours a day. Every other mask i tried irritated my skin, caused "maskne" and just left my skin dry.
These are a game changer...can wear all day and they are great!!! Breathable, fit great, they don't move around when you are talking ( and we are talking all day)

Super Soft!

These masks are great if you’re breaking out from the cloth ones. They’re silky soft and comfortable to wear!

Love the travel set!

I’m a healthcare worker, & I’ve been wearing masks consistently for 7 months now & my face is breaking out so bad! Now that I have the silk face mask I wear it under my work masks & my face is saved! (Thanks for the free mask chain I love it!) Also, the silk pillow case gives me the best nights sleep after a long day at work without doing more damage to my skin!