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Anti-acne 30 Momme 100% Organic Silk Pillowcase


"Best silk pillowcase for acne.

This silver ion infused 30 momme silk pillowcase is pure luxury and works wonders for fighting acne! I’ve purchased all kinds of different pillowcases, this is hands down the best quality one. As a long-term member of the acne club, it's extremely exciting that after only a few months, my stubborn acne is almost completely gone! It's now the vital last-step of my night skincare routine." - Eva

Do you:

  • Overheat during the night?
  • Wake up with hair all over your pillowcase?
  • Have skin irritation or acne issues?
  • Spend a lot of money on anti-aging skin care products that are not working?


Our 30 momme silk pillowcase is made with the most luxurious and softest silk on earth.


Meet our New Silver Ion Technology.

Our new silver ion silk pillowcase contains silver ions to help reduce acne and inflammation caused by bacteria. Silver ion technology is proven to reduce acne-causing bacteria by 99.97%helping your skin gain its glow back. Our white pillowcases are infused with silver ion.

True luxury starts here.


Our pure organic 30 momme silk pillowcase puts the beauty back in beauty rest.  

We’re not just talking about how the pillowcases look. Oui, our silk pillowcase is tres chic, but it can do more for you than just looking great in the background of your next selfie.


We spend about a third of our life in bed.

Unlike other materials, a silk pillowcase is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. So friction is reduced, which means less creasing, age lines, and broken hair strands. 


Luxuriate in the gentle caress from the most delicate textile on earth, melting into a pillow of silk every night. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.


Stay Hydrated.

Sleep on silk instead, and your skincare will stay where you put it, instead of soaking into your pillow. 


Going Somewhere?

Take your own five-star hotel experience anywhere you go by packing your pure organic silk pillowcase in tow. Convenient enough to travel with you, luxurious enough to transport you.


Snuggle in swathes of silk for a blissful night’s sleep.


Our pure organic silk pillowcase is a must-have for everyone on your gift list—including yourself!


Why Choose Our Silk Pillowcases?

  • We use the highest measured weight of silk—30 momme silk. It is the softest, most luxurious, and most durable silk available on earth.
    • Less friction on skin and hair = less signs of aging & hair breakage.
    • We've installed a zipper closure to avoid pillow slipping off at night.
    • Our silk is hypoallergenic, perfect for those with allergies.
    • Our pillowcases are antibacterial & acne-reducing.
    • Better hair, glowing skin, enhanced sleep & reduced wrinkles.

    Simply the best silk pillowcase for your skin, hair, and beauty sleep.



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    Anti-acne 30 Momme 100% Organic Silk Pillowcase


    Highest Grade 30-Momme Mulberry Silk. Momme is the unit used when describing the weight of the silk thread. For a pillowcase, a momme weight of 19-22 is considered good quality, with silk sheets in the range of 22-25 is being very high quality. So 30 momme is a true luxury. The higher quality the silk is, the more durable and long-lasting it will be. Momme is determined by a piece of silk that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. If a piece weight 19lbs, then it is 19 momme. The heavier the fabric, the higher the momme, which means a greater amount of silk was used in the weaving process.

    Our White Silk Pillowcase is infused with silver ions.

    For best results, machine wash on gentle cycle or hand wash in cold water, use gentle laundry soap. Hang to dry, do not tumble dry.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 311 reviews
    Sarah R.

    I love it. I can't tell you how much. My hair has never been this healthy, shiny and strong. I bought it because I read that silk helps retain moisture from products and reduces the friction that causes our hair to wake up full of knots and breakage. And 100% it does the job. My hair was super damaged before, and now it looks like I've done a thousand treatments when all I did was swap my pillocase. Miraculous!

    Best silk pillowcase for acne.

    This silver ion infused 30 momme silk pillowcase is pure luxury and works wonders for fighting acne! I’ve purchased all kinds of different pillowcases, this is hands down the best quality one. As a long-term member of the acne club, it's extremely exciting that after only a few months, my stubborn acne is almost completely gone! It's now the vital last-step of my night skincare routine.

    Game changer!

    Omg! This pillowcase is so AMAZING! Finally I'm sleeping on the clouds. Can't imagine going back to regular cotton pillowcases anymore. It looks gorgeous and feels incredibly soft. And yes, it's insanely comfortable. The best thing is that my hair became less freezy and damaged after I switched to this pillowcase. And as I love to sleep either on a side or facing a pillow, my skin started to benefit from it too. I got rid of “sleep lines”. I have it in the color grey. The quality is amazing, and it has a legit hidden zipper that keeps the pillow in place. Highly recommend!

    Vanessa M.
    Silky smooth

    I purchased the black eye mask with the matching pillowcase. Love love love how silky soft both items are. I plan to purchase more pillowcases in the future.

    Mimi B.
    I love sleeping on these luxury silk pillowcases.

    I don't even want to get out of bed in the morning. I love sleeping in these silk pillowcase. They feel so soft and luxury. I wake up with soft and clear skin, can't express how happy I found this silk pillowcase!

    Yu C.
    Found the best one!

    This is hands down the BEST silk pillowcase I have found. I did a lot of researchs before I made the purchase. This has the new silver ion technology, 30 mm silk, it's so luxury.

    Marie A.
    Wish I bought sooner

    I hesitated for a while before buying these silk pillowcases. Wow I wish I bought sooner! These are so luxury. I love sleeping on it. I gave these as Christmas present for every woman in my family.

    Mary D.
    I have tried many silk pillowcases

    This one is absolutely hands down the best! The silk stays soft after washing several times. The quality is top notch, you can tell by how thick yet soft the silk is. Love that it's infused with silver ion so there is no bacterial growing on it.

    Judy M.
    Clearer skin and much better sleep!

    Now in my 40s, sleep is more important to me than ever. A good night of sleep set me up for a great day ahead. I can't tell you how happy I got these silk pillowcases. My skin is much happier now. These are the best on the market, trust me, I have tried many of them. The ones you get on amazon does not compare to this one at all. Huge difference!

    Erin C.

    This pillow case has already made a difference in my breakouts (I always wake up with new problem areas regardless of how clean my pillow cases are). It is unbelievably soft and cool to the touch which helps me sleep better at night. I highly recommend this!


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