When we started Fait avec Coeur, our intentions were threefold,

1. Inspire every single one of our customers to learn and practice self-love. Only when we take care and love ourselves, can we be the love to people around us. Self-love starts by taking care of our own body, mind, and spirit. We are our first priority, always.

2. Do our part in closing the divide our world is experiencing. Our products are made with heart by amazing people around the world. We see our world as borderless. These human creators and builders have beautiful stories, they have families, they have dreams. We strive to forge relationships that go beyond producer and consumer and build more meaningful, lasting ties.

3. Make sustainable products to honor our mother earth. Sustainability is in our DNA. We make very conscious decisions when it comes to the type of products we make and source, and how we can have an impact on saving and preserving our environment.



We are committed to curate sustainable beauty and wellness products for you. We want to honor ourselves, our earth and acknowledge the circle of life.

We carry products that are made with sustainable materials, sourced responsibly, and made with heart by thoughtful, compassionate, and innovative humans. 


At Fait avec Coeur, the brands we hand-select are:

♡ Environment-centric

♡ Transparent

♡ Ethical

♡ Sustainable

♡ Thoughtful

♡ Intentional

♡ Innovative

♡ Kind


This is because we care about you, and we care about our planet.

We believe that many existing companies are not doing enough to reduce their impact and achieve their environmental goals. 

We hear corporations claim that "We plan to reach our goals by 2030... 2040.. 2050..."

Well, this is not soon enough. We believe that they can do better. We know this because there are brands that ARE doing better.

So we endeavor to support those brands that are innovative. Brands that are implementing progressive steps today. Not in 10 years. Not even in 5 years... They're doing it TODAY.

We thoroughly research brands before we select them, to ensure that they meet our standards at Fait avec Coeur. 

You, and our planet, deserve only the best.



Everytime you spend your money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want - Anne Lappé

Please reach out to us if you are passionate about what we are doing. Our email is hello@faitaveccoeur.com, our phone number is 415-735-1857.

We want to connect with you. Let's do this together. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves, our families, our friends, our fellow humans, and our planet, starting from conscious and sustainable consumption. 


With Love,

Fait avec Coeur Team ♡