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30 Momme 100% Pure Organic Silk Pillowcase


"This pillowcase is pure luxury! I’ve purchased all different silk and synthetic to be silk-like pillowcases. Fait avec Coeur is wonderful due to feel of the fabric against my face. It’s not pilling from use as others I’ve purchased. The location of the zipper is great- accessible, but at the end of the case not partially down one side. My hair moves freely as I move my head around while sleeping - no more strands on my pillow upon waking from movement pulling them out with a cotton pillowcase! It’s also not drying out the skin on my face from laying on it. Well worth the cost!!!" - Barbara

Are you a hot sleeper? Waking up with hair all over your pillowcase? So tired of dealing with skin irritation or acne issues? Spending a lot of money on anti-aging skin care products that are not working?

Our 30 momme silk pillowcase is made with the most luxurious and softest silk on earth. It is a small and lasting investment you make today that will make you wake up everyday feeling refreshed and happy.

True luxury starts here. Our pure organic 30 momme silk pillowcase puts the beauty back in beauty rest.  We’re not just talking about how the pillowcases look. Oui, our silk pillowcase is tres chic, but it can do more for you than just look great in the background of your next selfie.

We spend about a third of our life in bed, and if you’re sleeping on traditional cotton pillowcases, you could lose more than just a little sleep.  You could also be losing your skincare product and healthy hair tonics to fabric absorption. Tossing and turning create friction for your follicles and face.  Think about how much that takes a toll on your skin and hair. 

Silk absorbs less moisture from the skin than other materials. This means less of your serums and night creams wicking off your face and into your pillow. It also means more of the hydration you work so hard to keep on your face will stay put. This isn’t just good news for those living in dryer climates, either. Better skin hydration equals firmer, plumper skin with fewer wrinkles and creases for all.

And what about your hair? Say au revoir to hair breakage from pillowcase friction. Luxuriate in the gentle caress from the most delicate textile on earth, melting into a pillow of silk every night. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

And for travelers? Bid crunchy hotel pillows adieu. Instead, create your own five-star hotel experience anywhere you go by packing your pure organic silk pillowcase in tow. Convenient enough to travel with you, luxurious enough to transport you.

When you’re snuggled among swathes of silk, you’re sure to have a blissful night’s sleep wherever you are. Whether you’re looking to elevate your every night or carry your comfort wherever you go, the Fait avec Coeur pure organic silk pillowcase is a must-have for everyone on your gift list - including yourself!

What makes our finest silk the absolute best material against your skin and hair?

  • Our products are made from the highest quality measured weight of silk - literally the most luxurious and softest silk on earth, while retaining the infamous durability of silk to last longer than most
  • Pure mulberry 30-momme washable silk
  • Anti-aging - a bold claim, but one we can back up with science. Silk is frictionless against the skin relative to traditional cotton fabrics. Less friction = more retained moisture in your skin to prevent wrinkles and dryness. Zipper closure to avoid pillow sliding during sleep
  • Less hair damage than traditional pillowcases - again, reduced friction means no hair damage or split ends More gentle on your hair than cotton - stops split ends and hair damage 
  • No dust mites - eliminate allergies caused by dust mites
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial & non-irritating
  • Better hair, glowing skin, enhanced sleep & reduced wrinkles
  • Hidden zipper closure keeps your pillowcase in place all night

We are so sure that you are going to love our silk pillowcase, we are offering,

30-day guarantee + free US shipping on orders over $75

We use the highest quality of 30-momme silk. It's literally the most luxurious and softest silk on earth while retaining the infamous durability of silk to last longer than most. Why 30 momme silk? Momme is the unit used when describing the weight of the silk thread. For a pillowcase, a momme weight of 19 - 22 is considered good quality, with silk sheets in the range of 22-25 is being very high quality, 30 momme is a true luxury. The higher quality the silk is, the more durable and long-lasting it will be. The standard for measuring momme weight is by using a piece of fabric that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. If that piece of fabric weighs 19 pounds then the momme weight of that silk is 19. The higher the momme weight the heavier the fabric which means a greater amount of silk was used in the weaving process.

For best results, machine wash on gentle cycle or hand wash in cold water, use gentle laundry soap. Hang to dry, do not tumble dry. 

Free US domestic shipping (3-5 business days) for orders over $75. 

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We ship internationally. You may choose your preferred shipping service during check out. For international orders, customers are responsible for customs duty if it's collected.

Please contact us at for return authorization within 30 days. Beauty products and face masks can not be returned once opened due to health reasons. For details, please refer to our refund policy.

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We donate 1% of every sale to organizations through 1% for the Planet.

30 Momme 100% Pure Organic Silk Pillowcase


Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
My favorite pillowcase.

Love love this pillowcase. I bought 3 already. They are higher quality than other brands with a similar price, win win!

One of the best purchases I have made.

I have been wanting to get this silk pillowcase, after reading some of the reviews, I pulled the trigger. I am so glad I did. It's high quality, I love the feeling when I lay my head on it, I'm even sleeping better. The packaging is simple yet beautiful, also came with a hand written card, it's a nice touch.

This is the gift that keeps giving.

My husband got me these as a gift, I am so happy he did. I'm going through menopause and I get night sweats, this pillowcase stays cool at night and it's so nice, helps a lot.

I'm obssessed with these silk pillowcases!

I'm so in love with these silk pillowcases. They are super soft and densely woven just like advertised. The quality is much better than other brands that I have bought in the past. The silk feels so good on my skin, even my husband loves them. I can't wait to get these for my daughters for their birthdays.

Lux and comfortable

Lux and comfortable. Such a great purchase. My hair is not as frizzy when I wake up, my skin looks plump. It comes in such a cute package, perfect for gifting.

Perfect gift for everyone.

Seriously this is a perfect gift for everyone. I got 2 for us, and my bf fell in love with it right away because he used to sweat so much at night and these stay cool all night.

Great Product!

I bought one of these for each of my two daughters for mother's day, they are both loving it. Thank you for making such a beautiful product.

Finally found my favorite silk pillowcase.

I have been searching for a good silk pillowcase for a while now, finally found my favorite. I have purchased quite a few other brands in the past, they were just ok. The silk Fait avec Coeur uses is much thicker than others. And the best thing is that my skin loves it, I no longer wake up with a dry and wrinkled face. I love cuddling with my pillows in the morning. I highly recommend it!

We love these pillowcases.

We love these pillowcases, we bought 4 already in two colors. Super soft and well made, much better than other brands I have tried before.

What a treat!

Who knew that a small change of my pillowcase could change my life in such a postive way. I'm sleeping better, my skin feels hydrated when I wake up in the morning. Plus it's so beautiful, my bedroom is my sanctury, love this luxury addition.