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Anti-allergy 100% Silk Blanket

$108.00 $168.00

"I bought this blanket for my little sister and she loves it! Now she can't sleep unless she is hugging it, she says it is the softest thing she has ever tried. And it really is." - Patrice

Do you or your child suffer from allergies or sensitive skin? Our anti-allergy 100% silk blanket is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and incredibly lightweight, soft, and warm. It's a perfect blanket for everyone in the family. ⁠Silk is incredibly warm yet it doesn't itch or cause an allergic reaction like wool.⁠ 

Our anti-allergy silk blanket is the perfect gift for everyone young or old in the family. It's luxurious and elegant, made with the finest mulberry silk.⁠

Key benefits

  • Suffering from allergies or sensitive skin can be a pain, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. 
  • Thermo-regulating properties. Your body will stay at a comfortable temperature all night long keeping you warm in the winter and cool in summer.
  • Sustainable alternative to other fabrics, such as cotton, as it is a renewable resource, and is naturally biodegradable.
  • Multifunctional blanket, you can either enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, use as a comforter on your bed and sofa, or gift it to someone you love. 
  • Best gift for newborns, toddlers, and adults.


Luxuriate in the softness of silk.

Dimentions: 45 x 59 inches

Color: Grey color with 1-inch silk grey border




Anti-allergy 100% Silk Blanket

$108.00 $168.00

100% Silk

Dry clean only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Veronica W.
Our 8 year old's favorite blanket

Wow this blanket exceeded our expectations! It's so soft yet warm, our 8 year old's favorite blanket. I'm buying it for gifts for every kid in our family.

Andy M.
My favorite blanket

I got this blanket as a gift, wow it's my favorite blanket now. I carry it everywhere with me in the house. It's so soft and warm, not too big, just the perfect size to lounge with.

Nastassia Y.
Just placed the second order!

I love snuggling with this silk blanket!!! my husband and I are true fans we ordered the first silk blanket a week ago and just bought the second one today. We love watching movies when we snuggle with it but we also love the aesthetic and how luxurious it looks. We usually put it on the chair in the bedroom and it looks beautiful, so we bought one more to put in the living room for the guests to enjoy it as well as the other one in the bedroom.

Angie O.
Gift for my niece

I gave this blanket as a gift to my little niece who just turned six months old! I am obsessed with buying her things but this is the best gift I have ever bought her by far. Right now they are living with me until they finish remodeling their house so I can see how she enjoys it! We use it to lay her on the floor while she moves and plays and also to cuddle her to sleep. Since it's hypoallergenic we don't worry about irritation or anything. She is super happy and that makes me happy aswell.

Aby T.
Amazing blanket

It is the softest and most comfortable blanket I have ever tried. If you are looking for a blanket that is versatile and can be used for decoration but also for warmth look no further! I highly recommend it. Also, I am very allergic and since it is naturally hypoallergenic it doesn't give me any problems. Normally with normal blankets I would sneeze and have an unbearable itchy nose. But this blanket is amazing, it doesn't pick up dust and bacteria.

Marlene Q.

I love that it is thermoregulating!!! Aside from being the most comfortable thing I have ever tried in my life this seems to me to be its best quality. It can control both the hot and cold conditions of the environment and it adjusts to it. They are beautifully wamr for these approaching winter dates but when we were in summer you didn't suffocate either!

Luisana B.
Always with me

As silk is naturally breathable these silk blankets are perfect. It had happened to me many times that with other blankets I would get to a point where I was dying from the heat and I am very happy with this purchase because it is the only one that has not done that. Because it keeps you warm but still circulates the air and never overheats. It is suitable for all seasons whether summer or winter my silk blanket accompanies me in my room.

Tiana R.
Too comfy

This is the best silk blanket I have ever tried. I really like silk products. I have everything, the sheets, the masks and the silk eye masks and they are all very good but I think the silk blankets are my favorite. They are just too comfy!!! Here in Canada it gets really cold so I love being able to stay warm even when the weather drops. I just bought two more to give one to my husband and one to my sister so no one can take mine away from me!!!

Jay P.
Cool and comfortable all night long

Im in love with my silk blankets. Unlike other synthetic blankets on the market these do not trap heat and make you wake up because you feel too hot, these are super breathable and keep you just the right amount of warm without overheating after use. I have worn it a couple of times to sleep now that the weather is dropping and it keeps me warm and comfortable ALL NIGHT LONG.

Lily E.
Good for warm weathers too

Where I live it's very hot, so a blanket doesn't sound ideal. But I wanted one anyway because I feel they elevate the home feeling. And I decided on this silk blanket because it is super breathable! And I already tried it and it got my approval 100%.


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