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100% Silk Blanket


"I bought this blanket for my little sister and she loves it! Now she can't sleep unless she is hugging it, she says it is the softest thing she has ever tried. And it really is." - Patrice

Key benefits

  • Suffering from allergies or sensitive skin can be a pain, silk is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. 
  • Thermo-regulating properties. Your body will stay at a comfortable temperature all night long keeping you warm in the winter and cool in summer.
  • Sustainable alternative to other fabrics, such as cotton, as it is a renewable resource, and is naturally biodegradable.
  • Multifunctional blanket, you can either enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, use as a comforter on your bed and sofa, or gift it to someone you love. 


Luxuriate in the softness of silk.




45 x 59 inches

100% Silk Blanket


100% Silk

Dry clean only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jannice R.
No more allergies

The best purchase I have made in ages! Normally all these cozy blankets give me a lot of allergies because their little hairs come off and they also accumulate a lot of dust. At one point I used to hate them. Until my husband bought me this one for my birthday. Since it's hypoallergenic it's perfect for me. Now I can warm myself with a blanket and not suffer from sneezing and itchy nose.

Sophy O.
Movie nights

In my house we usually have movie nights every Wednesday. And we always cuddle up to be cozy and comfortable. I recently bought the first silk blanket and everyone wanted one!!!! I had to order 3 of one for my parents and my brother so we all got our own. Everyone loved my gift and they are now sacred for our movie nights on Wednesdays.

Katherine F.
Very versatil

I love this silk blanket. My kids love the silk blanket. And so does my husband! It feels so good when you have made a purchase that everyone can enjoy. We usually have it in the TV room for decoration and for anyone who wants to go relax for a while and watch TV and be super comfortable on the couch. I love the versatility of the product.

Milla P.
10/10 blanket

I ordered several a week ago. The weather has already turned quite chilly and I found them perfect for decorating and covering up when the weather drops. I feel the house needs to look cozy too and this is the perfect accessory for that! It was just what my living room needed to elevate the look. I am a professional interior designer and love trying new products. Gave it a 10/10, very good quality, looks luxurious and really keeps you warm!

Emma E.
Love my silk blanket

I love my silk blanket! It's super cozy. I will be ordering a second one soon because my husband and I fight over it when we are watching TV! LOL. It's too cozy and neither one wants to let go of it. I love that it is silk and the fabric is amazing quality. You can tell by touching it and looking at it it looks super luxurious.

Ernie P.
Stylish and multifunctional

It is the best silk blanket on the market!!! It is still not very cold where I live but I use it as a throw. I find it to be super multifunctional and stylish and it gives the perfect touch to any room where I place it. I love the satin of the silk borders and it gives it a touch of elegance! I will be ordering one soon so I don't have to move it around from my bedroom to the living room.

Luanna D.
Ideal for babies

I have never felt a sheet as soft and delicate as this one! It is ideal for babies. My little niece has just been born. She is the most beautiful little girl in the world! And I bought her this silk blanket as a gift. I have one at home for myself, but I know it is the perfect gift for babies. It's super soft, keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and since silk is the gentlest fabric to the skin it prevents chafing in babies.

Johanna R.
Cozy for winter

I live in a place where it gets very cold, especially now that summer is gone and winter is right on the corner. It's a super soft and lightweight blanket that I can put on without drowning and it keeps me warm and cozzy. I love just lying in my bed after a long day at work with my blanket on top of me, a warm cup of tea and watching my series on Netflix. Love it, it's the best feeling in the world.

Adri R.
Perfect gift for elders

I have a lot of great aunts, there are 12 of them! It's a big family and I always have a hard time knowing what to get them. They don't get out of the house much anymore especially recent years, so I always have a hard time deciding on their gifts. But I recently bought one for my grandmother and she loved it! I think they are the perfect gift for Christmas.

Silvy G.
Best quality

I love it!! Wouldn’t change it for any other in the market. The quality is 100% better.


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