Sustainable Materials and Packaging

We do our best to reduce packaging with reusable, recyclable and compostable materials. 

Our pricing

As a brand, we want to do things differently. We have radical transparent pricing structure. We don't want to spend a big percentage of our revenue on advertising and branding like traditional luxury brands, which is one of the reasons why consumers are paying 5-6 x of markup of true cost for products. We are thinking differently, we only markup 2-3 x. We care about quality, not labels. To make this business model work, we need your help. Referrals make our business possible. Please join our Inner Circle and refer a friend if you like our products. When your friend makes a purchase, both of you earn $10 credit. The more friends you refer, the better price you will get for our products.

Connecting with Our Makers

We want you to get to know our makers. Their story and their life. We started a podcast called Makers, please give it a listen.