The new beauty trend.

100% Silk Face Mask

No More Maskne + Feel Beautiful + Do The Right Thing


Inspire everyone to learn and practice self-love.

Do our part in closing the divide the world is experiencing.

Make sustainable products to honor our mother earth.

Why choose silk face mask?

Going back to the office soon?
Tired of wearing ugly, uncomfortable masks?
Dealing with breakouts because of the cloth masks on top of everything else?

You don't have to. You deserve the best.

With our pure silk masks, we’ve eliminated every discomfort of wearing your traditional cotton protective masks. From breakouts to feeling claustrophobic, we’ve got you covered. They’re everything you need from a mask, now with everything you didn’t know you wanted, too.

Why choose our silk face mask?

With filter pocket

Added layer of protection whenever you need it.

No more maskne

With the softest silk, even the most sensitive skin won't be irritated.


Our silk is biodegradable, our mask won't be around forever like the disposable ones.

Turn discomfort into a luxury.

'It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." - Epictetus

Say goodbye to maskne.

Designed for delicate skin to suit everyone.

Our customers love us.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "This mask is so lightweight, and a true luxury. I have sensitive skin and as someone who works in Healthcare, wearing this mask for 7+ hours was truly a godsend. It didn't bother me or give me the irritation or burning sensation that the cotton surgical masks do. I wear this underneath the surgical mask, and I realized how much the surgical masks slip (more when it's on top of the mask) and these don't! Even the adjustable straps weren't a bother! I barely even realized I had it on my ears! I bought in bright pink and green and they are both beautiful colors in person (and as pictured)." - Anna

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