Why These Celebrities Switched to a Silk Pillowcase

Hailey Bieber is the latest to join the celebrity bandwagon promoting the life-changing joy of an organic silk pillowcase. It’s a craze that is several years in, and rather than fading out as a passing fashion trend, the world is catching on that there’s serious merit to the silk bedding concept. Finding the best silk pillowcase can legitimately change your sleep habits and beauty routine!

Hailey is joining a long line of endorsers, such as:

  • Kim Kardashian
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Gisele Bündchen
  • Cindy Crawford 
  • Katy Perry
  • Kris Jenner
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Sophie Turner

One of the first was Cindy Crawford, who told major lifestyle website The Cut:

"I've noticed that I've not only gotten fewer pillow lines, but it's better for my hair," she said. "That's the one thing people don't talk about with aging. We all know skin is so important, but your hair changes, too."

And to People magazine, Crawford said:

"When you're 20, pillow lines go away pretty quickly, but the older you get, the longer they stay. This silk one helps me not wake up with those lines, and it keeps my hair from getting frizzy."

And what did Sophie Turner have to say about her silk pillowcase?

 “They keep your skin soft, they keep your hair soft; you sleep on them, you wake up and you look so refreshed. It’s really good for everything.”

So, What’s the Hype All About?

Here’s the deal. We spend about a third of our life in bed, and if you’re sleeping on traditional cotton pillowcases, you could lose more than just a little sleep.  You could also be losing your skincare product and healthy hair tonics to fabric absorption. But there’s more to the hype about what makes the best silk pillowcase than simply how nice it will make your skin and hair feel. Check out our 4 reasons why silk pillowcases are worth the hype, and what makes the Fait avec Coeur 100% organic silk pillowcase the best silk pillowcase on the market. 

Reason #1: It’s Better for Your Hair

Silk’s smooth texture is unlike any other textile in the world. I mean, it’s the reason we use the word “silky” to describe anything with a soft, well…silky…feel! 

This makes for less friction for when you toss and turn in bed. Less friction = less hair breakage, knots, and frizz. 

Silk is also beneficial to hair due to the absorbency style of its hollow, protein silk fibers. Compared to traditional bedding textiles, such as cotton, silk wicks away significantly less moisture from your hair. That leaves your overnight hair treatment products in place to do their job keeping your hair texture in its optimal state. 

This is a particularly big deal for women with curly hair and women of color rocking their natural texture. One product tester submitted the following review to Black Beauty & Hair magazine after the first night of using a silk pillowcase, 

I never wear my hair out, but I wanted to really test how my hair would survive a night on the silk pillowcase. The results are definitely promising. All of my curls stayed intact and springy. I had minimal frizzing in comparison to how it would have looked after a night on a cotton pillowcase. I’m surprised that my hair doesn’t feel knotted and again it only required minimal refreshing.” 

To illustrate just how common-knowledge it is within black culture to need a silk pillowcase to protect your coils, just look to the fact that one of TV’s most popular prime time dramas created an entire plot-line around a silk pillowcase. 

Ok quick synopsis: on NBC’s This is Us, main character Kevin and his girlfriend Zoe are on their first road trip as a couple. Zoe has a momentary panic when she realizes she forgot her silk pillowcase, and Kevin’s response was something along the lines of, “Geez, you can’t do without your fancy pillow for a few days?”   Here’s a good time to mention that in addition to being a short-haired guy, clueless to the daily battle with hair frizz, Kevin is Caucasian while Zoe is African American. So, the plot line carries throughout the episode, winding around whether it’s worth it or not for Zoe to take the time to educate her boyfriend on the real reasons why women with natural, black hair prefer a silk pillowcase to prevent breakage and moisture loss.  

So, thank you to one of the country’s most popular prime time shows for taking the time to educate all of us who never knew the glory, and in some cases, downright necessity, of that glorious organic silk pillowcase! 

Don’t just take it from television – all you have to do is read the Fait avec Coeur reviews to find out what it feels like to sleep on the best silk pillowcase. Barbara N. recently said, 

“The pillowcase is pure luxury! I’ve purchased all different silk and synthetic to be silk-like pillowcases. Fair avec Coeur is wonderful due to feel of the fabric against my face. It’s not pilling from use as others I’ve purchased. The location of the zipper is great- accessible, but at the end of the case not partially down one side. My hair moves freely as I move my head around while sleeping – no more strands on my pillow upon waking from movement pulling them out with a cotton pillowcase! It’s also not drying out the skin on my face from laying on it. Well worth the cost!!!” 

Reason #2: It’s Better for Your Skin


Fait avec Coeur’s silk pillowcase’s natural ability to protect your hair’s moisture and reduce frizz applies to your skin, too. Your hyaluronic acid serums and night creams will stay put to do their job all night long, locking in your skin’s precious moisture. 

Not only will your anti-aging creams and serums stick around longer to do their work, your silk pillowcase has its own anti-aging tricks to contribute. That’s because retained moisture leaves your skin firmer, and plumper with fewer wrinkles. PLUS your silk pillowcase creates less friction than traditional textiles, leading to fewer sleep wrinkles and creases when you wake from a luxurious, restful sleep. 

What's more... If you suffer from skin allergies, acne, or other skin conditions that leave your face prone to redness and inflammation, silk might be the assist your skin needs to rest and heal overnight. Our 100% organic silk’s fibers are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and hypoallergenic. So, if your rough cotton pillowcases are irritating your sensitive skin, switching to silk might be beneficial. (1)

We've also just launched our Silver Ion-Infused Silk Pillowcase. Silver ion technology is proven to reduce acne-causing bacteria by 99.97%. Combined with silk, this pillowcase will have your skin glowing in your sleep.

Silk protein has even been added to some medical bandages after studies showed its ability to reduce scarring (2), while silver has been used for centuries in wound healing (4).

Reason #3: Fait avec Coeur’s 100% 30 Momme Silk Pillowcase is Better for the Environment

Fait avec Coeur’s organic silk pillowcase is sustainable and more eco-friendly than standard cotton bedding. Creating sustainable products that elevate your everyday life is at the heart of what we do. That’s why our silk pillowcase isn’t just a fab treat for your self-care routine - it’s the best silk pillowcase you can find!  Here are some quick stats on how we work toward sustainability:

    • Doesn’t take up valuable food crop land. Mulberry trees can grow on marginal land that is not reserved for food crop production.
    • No growth hormones or toxic chemicals. Also, in the rearing rooms, we opt for non-chemical methods like steaming, sun drying, or hot-air sterilization. 
    • Uses less water than most textile plants. Additionally, our water-conscious facilities have water treatment as an additional stage so that freshwater is conserved, and treated water is recycled back into the system.
  • Requires much less energy for production than most other textile industries
  • Ethical factories that support rural economy in low-income areas of the world
  • Zero-waste product
  • Renewable resource
  • Biodegradable
  • (3)

    Reason #4: 30 Momme Silk = Luxury at its Best!

    We use the highest quality of 30-Momme silk. What does that mean?

    Momme is the unit used when describing the weight of the silk thread. For a pillowcase, a momme weight of 19 - 22 is considered good quality, with silk sheets in the range of 22-25 is being very high quality, 30 is a true luxury. 

    The higher quality the silk is, the more durable and long-lasting it will be. The standard for measuring momme weight is by using a piece of fabric that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. If that piece of fabric weighs 19 pounds then the momme weight of that silk is 19. The higher the momme weight the heavier the fabric which means a greater amount of silk was used in the weaving process.

    All this boils down to the Fait avec Coeur 30 momme silk pillowcase being the softest silk pillowcase you can find on the market -guaranteed. But it’s also durable and won’t lose that softness after washes the way a lower momme silk will.

    When you invest in the best silk pillowcase like ours, you’ll want it to last and feel soft to the touch wash after wash!

    Reason #5: They’re GORGEOUS!

    Sure, we’ve boasted a lot of thoughtful benefits to having an organic silk pillowcase, but we can’t help but gush over how gorgeous and luxurious these beauties are! In a range of colors to suit any bedroom design, the Fait avec Coeur organic silk pillowcase is the best silk pillowcase to use as backdrop for your next bed selfie ‘Gram shot. 

    “This is my new obsession! This 30 momme pillowcase is hands down the BEST silk pillowcase I have used, I have tried many others. It is so so soft, I feel like I'm sleeping in the clouds. And my skin loves it,” boasts Veronica, and Marianna “can’t imagine sleeping without this silk pillow case anymore! Sooo comfy and beautiful! Thank so much 😍

    So, what are you waiting for? Browse the best silk pillowcase from Fait avec Coeur here.

    All of Fait avec Coeur's silk products are OEKO-TEX®BSCI, and ISO certified.


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