What to Wear on a Plane : Combining Comfort and Style

 What to Wear on a Plane: Combining Comfort and Style

When you’re traveling, you need to carefully choose what you wear – especially if you’re going to be on a long haul flight. We thought we’d create this little guide in time for the holidays, so you can travel in comfort and style.

What to Wear on a Plane: Comfortable Clothing

Let’s start with the most obvious first, comfortable clothing. If you’re going to be on a flight, you need to carefully choose an outfit that will maximize comfort while maintaining a put-together look. Especially if you’re on a long-haul flight or an overnight flight, you’ll be sleeping in your travel outfit. So you’ll need to consider what will still look professional and chic stepping out of the airport on the other side.

Recommendation 1: Leggings or comfy pants

Unless you’re comfortable in jeans, we don’t recommend them during a flight. Denim is usually a little stiff, and can get uncomfortable when you’re forced to sit in the same place for hours on end. Wear something soft – leggings made of a soft material are ideal. You want to wear stretchy pants, so you can sit without fidgeting. Go for something simple in black, gray or brown.

Recommendation 2 : A top that layers well and hides spills

Your top is where you have a bit of leeway, since most tops are fairly comfortable. Choose something that goes well with the rest of your outfit, and which won’t start to itch or be painful or annoying during the flight. Ideally, you should wear something lightweight and simple in a breathable fabric like cotton or silk. For long flights that will include a meal, consider a top with a print that won’t show any possible spills obviously. 

Recommendation 3: A cardigan or jacket

Air travel comes with a wide range of temperature situations that you’ll have no control over. Sitting on the tarmac typically gets hot and stuffy, but then during the flights, air conditioning will be on at full blast. Even though you’ll get a blanket, they are quite thin (or sometimes they run out!). So, make sure you wear a cardigan or jacket – something you can slip off if it’s too hot, and slip on when you’re cold. You want to be comfy during the flight, and get a good rest.

Recommendation 4: Flat footwear with socks 

You’ll have to walk a lot in an airport, and the glossy floors make slipping in heels all too likely. Avoid discomfort and accidents by wearing flat shoes. Closed-toe slip-ons are great for flights because they’re comfortable, they don’t slip off, they combine beautifully with the vibe your clothes project, and you can walk forever in them without giving your knees hell. Don’t forget the fact that you’ll have to take off your shoes at security checkpoints, so unless you want to stand bare-footed on a disgusting airport floor, choose footwear that works with socks.

Recommendation 5: Wrinkle-free textiles

If you’re headed straight to a meeting after your flight, look for wrinkle-free fabrics that won’t make it obvious you’ve been crammed in a flight for the last few hours.  Linen, for example, will show every single crease and requires heavy duty ironing to release. On the other hand, wool, stretch denim, lyocell, polyester, cashmere, knit - these hold up well to travel without showing stress.  


What to Wear on a Plane: Other Essentials

When traveling, you wear more items than you realize! Shoulder bags, face mask, headphones, eye masks, earrings, jewelry, sunglasses…sometimes the accessories can make all the difference in the world. Let’s go over some of the things you’d wear on a flight apart from comfy clothes and footwear.

  1. Your face mask

When putting out your clothes, don’t forget your face mask! Choose the most comfortable one you can find, since you’ll need to keep it on for the entire duration of the flight and while in the airport, where you’ll be surrounded with strangers. Our silk face masks are ideal for travelers because they are breathable, comfortable, and stylish. They also help avoid maskne, which can be an embarrassing problem when forced to wear face coverings all day long.

  1. A big tote bag

You need to carry your phone, purse, keys, hand sanitizer, a book, laptop...it does feel like you’re carrying half a million items with you when you travel. And you’ll need to be getting out and stuffing back in these items all day long, from security checkpoints to layovers and then getting comfy on your flight. Take a big tote bag so you can carry it all easily and get in and out of the bag quickly. Once you’re on the plane, stuff it under the seat or just keep it on your lap if it isn’t too heavy.

  1. Eye mask

When choosing what to wear on a plane, an eye mask is essential – especially if it’s an overnight flight. The plane’s lights will be dimmed, but it doesn’t get fully dark. Plus, the constant distraction of other travelers moving back and forth to the restroom and the flight attendants walking by make it difficult to fall asleep. Besides, if you’re used to wearing an eye mask at home, you’ll have a hard time sleeping without it. So, carry your Essential Travel & Gift Set with you when traveling – it contains a face mask, eye mask and silk pillowcase, so you can enjoy full comfort, get the best sleep you’ve ever had on a plane, and feel protected while traveling. 

  1. Hair band

For some of us, letting our hair down is comfortable, while some others prefer tying our hair. Either way, you should at least take a hair band with you, so you have the option to tie it (if you have long hair). If you get hot while waiting for your flight, you won’t want your hair sticking to your neck. You can try a side pony – you can still sleep, and your hair won’t get in your face while you’re reading.

  1. Jewelry

Keep jewelry to a minimum, because it might not be comfortable sleeping with it on. Plus, if it’s expensive or has sentimental value, you might want to avoid wearing it on the journey, lest you lose it. Trying to find it can be a nightmare. Any jewelry you do wear should be lightweight and comfortable, like a simple necklace or ring. And keep in mind you’ll be removing jewelry at security checks. 

So, as long as you’ve got your Essential Travel & Gift Set, hair band and bag, you’re good to go. Make sure your tote bag has plenty of extra room, in case you want to buy something at the airport or take a gift. And if you’re out of gift ideas, our gift set is a good choice for all the wonderful women in your life!


The Essential Travel & Gift Set

When traveling, always remember to take your Fait avec Coeur Essential Travel & Gift Set with you. It’ll make long flights and stays at new hotels much more comfortable, and will limit allergic reactions and acne.

Here’s what the gift set includes:

100% Pure Silk Face Mask – You need to make sure you’re safe while traveling – especially since you’ll be going to new locations and coming into contact with hundreds of new people. Our pure silk face masks help you travel in style, while letting you breathe easily and preventing irritation and acne. These face masks are cool and breathable, so you can put them on and forget about them.

22 Momme Silk Eye Mask (extra wide) – Our silk eye mask is extra wide, and is soft and light so you can get your beauty sleep in peace, whether it’s in an airport waiting area, on an overnight flight, or in an unfamiliar hotel. Silk reduces friction against the delicate skin of the eyes, helping you to retain as much moisture as possible to avoid creasing and wrinkling while you travel. Shut out all light and get some rest, so you can wake up looking refreshed and bright and make the most of your journey.

30 Momme Organic Silk Pillowcase – Our silk pillowcase is so cozy you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a cloud! Silk pillowcases aren’t just luxurious – they’re also better for your skin, because silk is a hypoallergenic material with antimicrobial properties. Sleeping on a plane can can be hard, but a pillow encased in 30 momme silk will certainly help you get as comfortable as possible!

This set is also perfect for gifting to all the lovely women in your life. It’s a thoughtful gift that they can actually use, and they’re sure to love our silk products. Try it out this holiday season!

 Stay safe, and have a great journey!


All of Fait avec Coeur's silk products are OEKO-TEX®BSCI, and ISO certified.