Unique Mother’s Day Self-Care Gifts For Mom

21st Century moms have made it clear in their responses to Spring polls: what they really want for Mother’s Day 2021 is more than a little R&R.  

They want four Rs:  REST, REFUGE, and RESPITE from RESPONSIBILITY. 

So, this year, step up your gift-giving game, and help Mom have it all from the comfort of her own home.  From the highest quality silk sleep products to soothing skin serums, we’ve got everything your mother could want to create a bedroom sanctuary of her own.


1. Fait avec Coeur Hyaluronic Acid Intense Soothing Serum: For a hydration overhaul!

We know your mother tells you that every line on her face is a memory of a laugh or a cry with her beautiful family - but we’re going to be honest with you.  Mom wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to have just a few less wrinkles and laugh lines!  She’d never splurge on anti-aging products for herself, so give her the gift of luxurious skin care this Mother’s Day. 

The secret to smoothing those wrinkles is hydration. And hyaluronic acid serum is the secret behind the secret.  Hyaluronic acid molecules can hold up to 1,000 times their size in water, making it the perfect ingredient to maximize skin hydration and offer plump anti-aging effects. That’s why every mom would love her secret serum stuffed inside her Mother’s Day flower bouquet (you ARE getting her flowers, too, right?) . 

Handcrafted in small batches in California, our Intense Soothing Serum formulation is the most effective and luxurious Hyaluronic Acid serum on the market. It has been designed with the unique healing, hydrating, and barrier-building benefits of five varying sizes of Sodium Hyaluronate. 

So, help Mom protect her face from the daily damaging effects of UV, pollution, aging, and stress. A hyaluronic serum may not make up for all the late-night worrying you’ve caused your mom over the years, but it will help reduce her worry lines! 

Want to know more about why everyone needs hyaluronic acid in their life? Read more.


2. DewMighty zero-waste Bloom Jelly Serum Bar: Give mom a complete full-body experience!


skincare serum bar

Another great option to give mom some full body TLC is DewMighty’s innovative serum bar. 


This zero-waste, waterless wonder bar is packed with hydrators and botanicals that nourish, moisturize, brighten, calm and act as an anti-inflammatory while simultaneously improving skin’s overall complexion.

Designed to be used on its own after cleansing, this serum bar promises you won't need any other product in your regime to achieve glowing, radiant skin. To top it off, you can use it on your body as a moisturizer, and even to treat dry hair. Not even kidding!

One bar lasts a couple of months, and comes in a compostable paper box - yay the planet! It’s also free from plastics, silicones, fillers, water, animal products, synthetic fragrance and dyes. 

This game-changing, ingenious, zero-waste gift is sure to make you feel good about buying, and mom feel great for using it! 

3. Fait avec Coeur 30 Momme Silk Pillowcase: Slow down signs of aging while mom sleeps!

silk pillowcase


 Speaking of anti-aging, why not let Mom enjoy the luxury of the hottest trend in Hollywood beauty secrets for the past two years?  Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Oprah and Queen Bey are admitting that they don’t go to bed without silk under their head.

From less hair breakage to eliminating sleep creases and reducing moisture loss in the skin, silk is the best textile to sink into after a long day. And if you’re already gifting your mom luxury face creams or serums, a silk pillowcase will ensure these products aren’t wicking off her face and into her pillow. Better skin hydration equals firmer, plumper skin with fewer wrinkles and creases for all.

Your Mom spent years dreading night time - late night baby feedings, scaring away monsters under the bed, and staying up all night worrying over teenagers at a party. Help her reclaim the sanctity of sleep with the luxurious gift of a 100% pure organic 30 momme silk pillowcase. 

So, let Mom slip back into slumber more quickly with a Fait avec Coeur 30 momme silk pillowcase!

4. Fait avec Coeur 30 Momme Silk Bed Sheets: For a restful night’s sleep!

silk sheets

If the photo alone doesn’t make you crave bedtime, then we’ve got plenty of reasons a set of silk bedsheets would make the Mother’s Day gift of a lifetime. So, if you’re considering the pillowcase, go for the total package and splurge for the entire silk bed sheet set!  


Made with the highest quality luxury 30-Momme silk, this is the ultimate luxury bedding Mom deserves. She will feel like she’s sleeping in the clouds in these sheets! The Fait avec Coeur pure organic 30 momme silk pillowcase puts the beauty back in beauty rest.  And we’re not just talking about how chic this bedding looks.


These sheets have it all:

  • 100% Pure Mulberry 30-Momme Silk, organic and sustainable
  • Thermal Regulating - helping Mom stay cool all night, even through hot flashes (shhh, we didn’t mention the M word!)
  • Anti Aging - less friction than cotton to reduce hair breakage and skin creases
  • Anti Dust Mites - eliminate allergies caused by dust mites
  • Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial & Non-Irritating
  • Helps skin retain moisture and Mom’s favorite night creams
  • Better Hair, Glowing Skin, Enhanced Sleep & Reduced Wrinkles

Need we say more? Pick Mom’s favorite color here 

5. Fait avec Coeur Silk Eye Mask: For some serious shut-eye!

 Let’s talk about Mom’s bedtime self-care ritual. She craves a bit of freedom and independence. Time to herself without anyone asking for more snacks, help to find a lost shoe, and fighting tech issues with virtual meetings.  So, this Mother’s Day, give Mom a whole new bedtime routine.  

Start by printing a copy of The Perfect Self-Care Ritual  

Then, add a silk eye mask to help her shut out the world completely. It will not only help her begin the transition out of “mom” and into “self,” but silk is soft and light and stays cool throughout the night. It’s gentle on the skin and reduces creases and wrinkles. With its lower wicking rate than traditional fabrics, a silk eye mask will help mothers everywhere to shut the world out while keeping her skin moisture in. They’re hypoallergenic, anti-bacteria, and non-irritating, too. Help Mom get better rest anytime, anywhere, with a 100% silk eye mask. 

6.  Honua Skincare Honua Ritual: Say Aloha (goodbye) to stress!

skincare regime The ocean is known for its healing properties, so imagine you could bring the ocean to your mom on Mothers Day. The Honua Ritual is a meditative and immersive experience that transports you to the shores of Hawaii. 


The pack contains four products: Pa’akai Cleansing Cream, Hawaiian Beauty Water, Aloha Youth Serum, and Olena Beauty Oil, and is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and unique Hawaiian botanicals that nourish, treat fine lines and dark spots, and give skin a youthful glow.

When your mom receives the Honua Ritual facial set, get her to follow the Honua Ritual here for as many days as she needs to feel rested, rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. 

7. MS Skincare’s Jaipur Brightening Enzyme Mask: Treat mom’s “maskne” with a mask.

enzyme face mask

Since the need for wearing face masks is not going away any time soon, everyone needs a good facial treatment mask in their skin ritual. The MS Skincare Jaipur Brightening Enzyme Mask is my top pick! 

You and your mom may have found your skin breaking out since you’ve both been wearing a face mask. When we wear face masks, even just for a short period, we tend to sweat, and the germs from our face and mouths are contained within our masks. In facial treatments, we use steam to open pores. This is what also happens when we speak with our mask on. The heat from our mouths causes a steam-like reaction, and our pores will open. So if your skin isn’t clean, or you have makeup on, imagine all the bacteria and pollutants that are able to get into the pores and clog them up.

The Jaipur Brightening Enzyme Mask is formulated with glycolic acid and fruit enzymes. This potent treatment sloughs away dead cells that have built up on the surface of the skin, repairs damage caused by pollutants, and smooths out skin’s texture, leaving skin radiantly glowing.  

8. Fait avec Coeur’s 100% Silk Face Mask: Let mom’s skin breathe!

Why not team the facial treatment mask with one of our 100% silk face masks? Silk is naturally antibacterial and breathable, making these a much kinder option on mom’s skin. They also look and feel luxurious, with a range of different colors to choose from.

Show mom you care about her health, while adding some fun accessories to her wardrobe.

9. Fait avec Coeur Essential Travel Gift Set


Lastly, if you’re thinking about Mom’s comfort by day, consider the best gift set to ensure she enjoys total comfort and luxury everywhere she goes. Does Mom do a lot of traveling for work? How about that big family vacation coming up? This gift set includes a pure silk pillowcase to turn every road trip, plane ride, or hotel pillow into a great night’s sleep. You’ll also find our silk extra wide eye mask to shut out the sights and lights on-the-go and a silk face mask with 7 filters. 

 No matter where she goes, Mom will be able to enjoy a soft pillow upon which to lay her head, a soft mask to block out harsh lights and distractions, and a fresh respite from the noxious aromas that often accompany traveling by air or train.  Even if it’s just a nap in her car on a lunch break - just make sure she sets a timer!!!


This Mother’s Day, help Mom escape into a personal sensory sanctuary anytime, anywhere.  Total decompression for Mom’s body, mind, and soul.  Give her the four Rs:  rest, refuge, and respite from responsibility. 


All of Fait avec Coeur's silk products are OEKO-TEX®BSCI, and ISO certified.

Some of the products promoted in our blog are from our online store. Many others are brands we have researched and found to be great examples of sustainable, ethical, and innovative brands in their field, and we don't make any profit from mentioning them in our blog. #CollaborationOverCompetition