Silk Vs Bamboo: A Comparison

It is a well-known fact that bamboo is an eco-friendly material that can be used to make baskets, straws, toothbrushes and the like. However, not many people know that bamboo fibers can also be used to make soft, gorgeous pillowcases, bedding, and other similar items.

Folks that are in the market for beautiful, luxurious products for the home that are also eco-friendly, bamboo products come up frequently as an option.  But, which is better when it comes to a silky feeling pillowcase and bedding? Let’s explore the differences between bamboo and silk, and get the lowdown on whether eco-friendly bamboo or 100% organic and sustainable silk would be the best option for you. Let’s get started!


What Is Bamboo?

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that belongs to the grass family. It is an evergreen perennial, native to the tropics. Bamboo stems can be used to make cups, spoons, toothbrushes, containers, and many other materials, while bamboo leaves can be used to make plates and other items. It is an eco-friendly resource.

You might associate bamboo products with the stem, but bamboo sheets are completely unlike what you might imagine. They’re soft and wonderful, having a satin-like feel. They’re made from bamboo fibers, taken from a specific species of plant. Usually, bamboo sheets are made with viscose rayon from bamboo.


How Is It Different from 100% Organic and Sustainable Silk?

There are many differences between bamboo and silk pillowcases:

  1. Which is better for staying cool?

Bamboo is a loose, breathable fabric, so it stays cool no matter the weather. Great for summertime slumbers. Though you may want to switch out the bedding come wintertime for one that absorbs body heat and helps you stay warm in the winter. In that case, silk is the material for you. Our silk pillowcases and bedsheets are cool to the touch, but they heat up with body heat, so you have the best of both worlds.

  1. Which is more wrinkle-resistant?

Wrinkles are an annoyance when you’re making your bed or storing your sheets.  They can make the most luxurious bedding look like a sad little heap, but no one wants to spend the time ironing bed linens! So, silk pillowcases and bedsheets are excellent if you detest wrinkles.

  1. Which is easier to wash?

Both silk and bamboo are durable materials when cared for properly. Neither can be tossed in the regular washing machine/dryer cycle. This means you need to spend roughly the same amount of time cleaning both types of sheets. Both bamboo and silk bedding need to be either hand washed or machine washed on the cold, ‘delicates’ cycle. We recommend using a laundry bag and gentle laundry soap.  Then hang each type dry.   So, as far as which material is easier to wash, it’s a wash. (Couldn’t help myself)

  1. Which is more eco-friendly?

One of the main plus points of bamboo is the fact that it’s eco-friendly, and easily renewable. (Please be aware, however, that bamboo sheets aren’t eco-friendly by default - there are some processes that involve toxic chemicals and non-renewable harvesting practices, so please do your research! Fait avec Coeur’s bamboo sheets are eco-friendly, according to our brand’s commitment to sustainability)

Anyone who has ever had bamboo take over their garden knows first-hand how rapidly the plant grows. That’s one reason so many products have been manufactured using this plant in the past 10 years. According to the Handbook of Natural Fibres, "Bamboo fibers are the most abundant renewable biomass materials that can be used in textiles."

  • Bamboo farming requires no pesticides or harsh growth chemicals, as compared to the popular material of cotton.  
  • Bamboo requires significantly less water to grow than other material plants
  • Bamboo does not require re-planting - cutting the stalks does not kill the plant. The plants regenerate year after year. 
  • Bamboo’s strong root system and the fact that the roots don’t need to be upturned for replanting means it helps prevent erosion. 

This is why Fait avec Coeur has been hard at work to develop our own line of bamboo bedding as an addition to our sustainability line.  You can check them out here. 

By comparison, silk, such as the silk we use for the Fait avec Coeur silk pillowcases, is also eco-friendly and sustainable. Here are a few key points about our pillowcase production

  • Silk is both a zero-waste material and a renewable resource.
  • It is made with no chemicals or pollutants. 
  • The production supports rural communities by centering its manufacturing in places where job opportunities are often few and far between.
  • Silk is biodegradable.
  • Silk production uses less energy and water than traditional textile plants because of carefully honed processes designed with sustainability in mind.

You can explore more in-depth about the sustainability of silk here but, in a nutshell, the production process is designed to be as kind to the earth as possible.

  1. Which is more delicate?

Bamboo feels wonderful, but it’s a surprisingly durable textile. Bamboo fibers are very long relative to those in other plants used in materials. The longer the fiber, the better, stronger, and the smoother fabric will be. Bamboo fibers are stretched in the manufacturing process. Unlike woven fibers, stretched fibers are more durable and less prone to pilling and tearing than other types of woven fabrics.

Now, silk is a delicate fabric that feels sensational, but if you go with a poor-quality product, it can unravel if it snags on a broken nail. This means disaster, because silk is an expensive material. However, you’ll be quite pleased if you go with high-quality, 100% organic and sustainable silk like the 100% organic mulberry silk used at Fait avec Coeur.

When it comes to our bedding and silk pillowcase, you can rest easy investing in the highest quality silk on the market. Momme is the unit used when describing the weight of the silk thread. For a pillowcase, a momme weight of 19 - 22 is considered good quality, with silk sheets in the range of 22-25 is being very high quality. This illustrates just how much the Fait avec Coeur 30 momme silk is a true luxury.

And not just for feeling great and looking beautiful - the fact is that the higher quality the silk is, the more durable and long-lasting it will be. 

All this boils down to the Fait avec Coeur 30 momme silk pillowcase being the softest and most durable silk on the market. When you invest in the best silk pillowcase like ours, you’ll want it to last and feel soft to the touch for years to come.  

  1. What about the risk of pilling?

Bamboo sheets may be comparable to satin in terms of feel, but they aren’t quite on the same level as silk and satin. Bamboo sheets can start to pill over time when not properly cared for, which looks unattractive and affects the texture negatively. Silk and pilling, on the other hand, don’t belong in the same sentence. Pilling is not an issue with silk, especially with the 30 momme silk we use at Fait avec Coeur.


Similarities Between Silk and Bamboo

Now, let’s go over some of the similarities between silk and bamboo. The two fabrics have a lot in common. For starters, they both feel luxurious, they’re both breathable fabrics, they are in relatively similar price points, and they both have hypoallergenic properties – although silk is slightly superior in the last regard. In addition, both need gentle care, both are durable fabrics, and both are great for your skin and hair.


100% Organic and Sustainable Silk Pillowcases

At Fait avec Coeur, our mission is to provide you with beautiful, luxurious products that are made sustainably and which help you elevate your everyday life. Our silk pillowcases and bedsheets are two excellent examples. These products will make you look forward to sleeping, because they are just so darn good!

So, What’s the Deal with Eco-Friendly Vs Sustainable?

We’ve mentioned previously that bamboo is an eco-friendly material, and if you’ve been reading our blogs, you already know that silk is a sustainable fabric. What’s the difference between the two, and if you had to choose one, which should you go with? Here’s the answer.

Eco-friendly means that something is not harmful to the environment. When talking about a product, it would mean that the product’s manufacturing process is also Earth-friendly.

Sustainable means that something can be maintained or sustained without depleting natural resources. Examples of sustainable materials include locally sourced food, fast-growing wood, and natural fabrics, while most man-made or mined materials (such as metal and coal) are unsustainable.

Which is better is an extremely difficult question to answer, because we need both. However, we can tell you whether you should go with eco-friendly bamboo, or 100% organic and sustainable silk. Go with the product that’s of high quality, and made using sustainable materials. When it comes to bedding, it’s always recommended to choose the best quality products you can afford - we spend so much of our time in bed, we should invest in our quality of rest.

No matter which product material you choose for yourself, Fait avec Coeur has you covered with luxurious, sustainable products to elevate your daily life:

100% Pure Organic Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set

The Fait avec Coeur Bamboo Sheet Set is 100% pure bamboo viscose, boasting luxurious 300 thread count.  Bamboo sheets are moisture-wicking and thermal regulating, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Their silky soft feel makes them heavenly to sink into at the end of the day, and the fact that we use eco-friendly farming and manufacturing processes helps you sleep even better at night, knowing you’re making a conscious effort to be kind to the planet. 

30 Momme 100% Pure Organic Silk Pillowcase

Our silk pillowcases are pure luxury – they’re breathable, soft products that will help you get the most out of your beauty products, reverse the clock on your skin, and get a good, deep sleep every night.

A silk pillowcase is great for your hair as well, because normal cotton pillowcases create friction, which creates wrinkles and rubs off any beauty product you apply overnight. Silk also causes no hair breakage, because there’s so little friction.

Another great thing that makes our pillowcases a must-have is the fact that you can take them with you when you travel. Whether you’re going on an overnight flight for work, or on a vacation cross-country, you can pack up your pillowcase and take it with you so you can enjoy all the benefits of your organic silk pillowcase even when you aren’t home!

30 Momme Pure Organic Luxury Silk Bed Sheet Set

Our silk bed sheet set is the epitome of luxury. Sleeping on them feels like floating on a cloud. You’ll drift off to sleep in absolutely no time, and you’ll feel so much better in the morning!

Fait avec Coeur’s silk bed sheet set is cozy and breathable, and helps you stay warm in the winter months, and cool in the summer. The moisture-retentive properties of silk will help you maintain your skin’s moisture levels, so your skin looks fresh and youthful.

You spend a third of your life in bed, so it’s worth investing in your bed to make sure it’s as cozy as possible – and when you’re thinking cozy and luxurious, it doesn’t get much better than silk! Our products are fully organic and sustainable, so you can sleep easy knowing your gorgeous bedsheets aren’t hurting the environment.


All of Fait avec Coeur's silk products are OEKO-TEX®BSCI, and ISO certified.