Holiday Gifts for Bosses

Holiday Gifts for Bosses

Tis the season! With everything we’ve experienced in 2020, there is no better reason to spread a little extra joy during the holidays this year—especially when it comes to giving a holiday gift to your boss.

Shopping for that perfect gift, meticulously wrapping it, and presenting it with a cheerful holiday sentiment has become a seasonal tradition. For many employees, the most difficult decision they’ll have is choosing what type of gift to give to their boss. Will it be personal, professional, sentimental, or practical? Perhaps even a gag gift or something funny that will elicit a laugh or smile from your ordinarily serious boss!

This year, holiday shoppers may also experience a few unprecedented challenges when it comes to the traditional gift giving rituals. Due to COVID-19, many gift givers will be unable to present their bosses with ‘in-person’ gifts because they are working remotely from home. Shopping for that perfect gift also comes with its own challenges because many people still don’t feel comfortable with in-person shopping and want to avoid crowds and malls—some might even have unstable finances to fund the gifts they would typically purchase.

The good news is… if you’re willing to be a bit more creative this year, you can overcome whatever obstacles you might encounter this holiday season. Whether you decide to venture out into the stores or do your shopping online, decide to purchase an individual gift or one from a pool of co-workers, have a limited budget or unlimited funds, rest assured that the perfect gift for your boss exists—and, the list below can help you get started.

10 Terrific Holiday Gifts for Bosses

  1. Wine Box Tool Set with Custom Engraved Lid

If your boss is someone who enjoys a glass of vino, he or she is going to love this wine box tool set. Complete with a corkscrew, decanting pourer, silver plastic foil cutter, and stainless steel topper, it is the ultimate gift for a wine enthusiast. For a truly personal touch, choose from four design options and have their name/initials engraved on the top of the box at no additional cost. If you feel like splurging, you might want to also tuck a bottle of your boss’ favorite wine in the box.

Shop for the Wine Box Tool set at Amazonunder $50.00.

  1. Fait avec Coeur Essential Travel & Gift Set

If you really want to pamper your boss to perfection, this Essential Travel and Gift Set from Fait avec Coeur is beyond luxurious. Comprising a pillowcase, eye mask, and face mask, this set will spoil your boss with premium ‘must have’ accessories created from the softest silk on earth. This gift trio is essential for any boss who travels, but can also be immensely enjoyed at home. Available in a choice of three colors: soft pink, smoky gray, and jet black; pillowcase comes in king or queen.

Fait avec Coeur 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Bosses

Shop for your silk Essential Travel and Gift Set at Fait avec Coeur$176 and up.

  1. Experience and Adventure Tickets

Speaking of traveling, your boss might enjoy traveling when there’s not work attached to the flight. She can take her silk travel gift set on a fun adventure instead. An experience or adventure ticket is a lavish gift for the boss who is committed to their work, but passionate about life. It’s a gift that’s on the more personal side because you’ll want to choose an experience or adventure that is based on your knowledge of activities your boss finds pleasurable, as well as their character. A bit on the expensive side, it makes a great collective holiday gift from a group of co-workers at the office. Choose from a vast range of experiences from dining at a luxury 5 star restaurant, white water rafting, or soaring in a hot air balloon to more elaborate adventures like going on safari in Africa, hiking through the Scottish Highlands, or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Start exploring experience and adventure gift options at: Rei Adventures or Outdoor Project$150 & up.

  1. Gourmet Coffee Subscription

If you want to give your coffee-loving boss a gift that keeps on giving, a java subscription is a gift that can travel anywhere or make every day at home a luxury retreat. A delicious assortment of aromatic coffees (some from around the globe) is the perfect gift for someone who works remotely from home because it doesn’t require an ‘in-person’ presentation. This type of holiday gift for your boss can also suit any budget because you have complete control over how long the subscription will last in accordance with how much you are willing to spend.

There are an abundance of coffee subscriptions to choose from online—Check out the list of 28 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes for 2020 at Urban Tastebud $8 and up depending on the length of subscription.

  1. Godiva Holiday Gift Collections

Continuing with the theme of luxury and indulgence, why not satisfy your boss’ sweet tooth this year with a luxury chocolate collection from Godiva? You can’t go wrong with giving chocolates as a holiday gift because almost everyone on the planet enjoys this decadently scrumptious treat. Not only known for its heavenly taste and enticing aroma, chocolate is also enriched with feel-good endorphins. Godiva offers a wide selection of holiday gift boxes and baskets where you can choose from a variety of milk, white, and dark chocolates infused with nuts, caramel, truffles, fruits, and coffee.

Choose your Godiva holiday gift collection here$50 and up.

  1. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

If you do want to stick with work-themed gifts, the DeskFone™ mobile phone holder is the perfect gift for the boss who enjoys tech gadgets. This handy holder conveniently sits on a desktop, counter, or any tabletop. It is fully adjustable to watch videos, have a video chat/call, or read your emails & texts from a comfortable angle. If you have a boss who is always multitasking, they are going to appreciate a gift that allows them to use their phone with the ability to free up their hands. This product is available at WeatherTech in either black or white with an optional gift bag for purchase.

Get the adjustable cell Phone stand hereunder $25.

  1. Engraved Office Name Plate/Plaque

If you want to put a smile on your boss’ face, this engraved office plaque will invoke an ear to ear grin. It’s both fun and affordable and will look great on any boss’ desk. This engraved, walnut office desk plate comes ready-made, but you also have the option to design your own sign.

Shop Amazon for this engraved plaque, under $25.             

  1. Plant a Tree

The trees remember when words are not enough.

Looking for a unique, gender-neutral gift that anyone could appreciate, planting a tree in your boss’ honor is a thoughtful gesture of appreciation that will last a lifetime. The Trees Remember is an organization that will plant a seedling in honor of your boss. The environmentally conscious gift giver will love the option of ordering between 1-20 trees; you’ll even be able to choose the U.S. National Forest where you’d like your tree gift to be planted. Your boss will receive a gift card set that includes a card, frame, tree charm, and a personalized note.

Order your tree gift at The Trees Remember$26 & up.

  1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Most bosses have received a surfeit of coffee mugs as gifts over the years—so, they probably have a lifetime supply; but this Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug is different! Designed for home or the office, it’s a terrific holiday gift for the busy boss who never seems to be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. The Ember mug can be set to whatever temperature your boss chooses and it will keep it delightfully warm as a freshly poured cup of coffee. The mug can be used for an hour after being charged or will keep coffee warm all day long when placed on the charger.

Fait avec Coeur 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Bosses

Available in white or black/10oz or 14oz at Ember$99.95 & up.

  1. 10. Holiday Champagne Flutes

Your boss can really ‘deck the halls’ this year when she makes her holiday toast with these festive champagne flutes. This set of four imported glass flutes is a classic gift that can be used year after year to ring in the holidays. It will also be a memorable gift because every time your boss raises their flute, he or she will most likely think of you and remember how thoughtful you were in choosing such a useful and classy holiday gift!

Fait avec Coeur 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Bosses

Available at Neiman Marcus$54.

Tips for Choosing a Holiday Gift for Your Boss

Give a gift that reflects your relationship The relationship you have with your boss will give you a baseline on what type of gift to purchase. For instance, are you social outside of work? Or all business? Knowing their temperament will also be helpful. Some bosses feel uncomfortable receiving expensive gifts, while others may not have a sense of humor—if your boss falls in the latter category, it probably would be best to avoid a gag gift.

Stay within your budget Showing your appreciation doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or go into debt. Rule of thumb… never be more extravagant than you can afford to be. Oftentimes, even the simplest gestures and little thoughtful gifts will speak volumes in showing a boss your appreciation.

Be creative Sure, everyone likes to give mugs, but that doesn’t mean you should (and, they probably have enough already). Donating to your boss’ favorite charity, planting a tree in their honor, or even a month’s worth of their favorite coffee will be a more memorable gift your boss is likely to appreciate for years to come.


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