Buyer Beware: Shopping for the Best Silk Pillowcases

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of resting your face on the soft, smooth, luscious silk of a quality silk pillowcase. It takes the phrase beauty rest to a whole new level, but what makes a silk pillowcase the best silk pillowcase?


Perhaps you’ve recently decided to make your very first silk pillowcase purchase after discovering how they contribute to the overall health of your hair and skin. Maybe you are searching for a luxurious gift for someone special. Or have the silk pillowcase you’ve purchased before not living up to your expectations?


Buyer beware, not all silk pillowcases are created equal.  


The benefits of a silk pillowcase have become a hot topic of the beauty scene, and for several verifiable reasons. But with the abundance of options available to shoppers, determining what to look for and what to ask can be overwhelming.


Whether you are just entering the market for your first silk pillowcase purchase or need some fresh, new additions in your Fait avec Coeur collection, we are here to guide you in how to shop for the best silk pillowcases.


Only the Best Silk


When browsing silk pillowcases retailers, you will notice that prices range from as low as $20 to upwards of $200. Unfortunately, the lowest priced silk pillowcases are too good to be true, and likely made from a blend or very low-quality silk.


Pure, high-quality silk is an all-natural fiber and therefore more expensive than fabrics like polyester or satin. Several variables determine silk quality, so let’s address the questions we should all be asking about silk as we shop.


What type of silk?


There’s no fabric quite like pure, genuine silk, and mulberry silk, in particular, is the crème de la crème.


Real, genuine mulberry silk is ultra-smooth and therefore friction-free. Less friction helps eliminate frizz - au revoir bedhead - and prevent wrinkles, acne, and skin irritation.


Mulberry silk comes from the Bombyx mori silkworm, whose diet consists exclusively of leaves from the mulberry tree. Threads from mulberry silk are stronger, smoother, and more evenly colored than any other silks, which creates the smoothest of silks that maximizes moisture retention. Hello glowing skin and happier hair!


The best silk pillowcases will be 100% mulberry silk, and won’t be afraid to inform you. Be cautious of retailers that do not prominently display their silk purity - if it's not specified, it's not 100% pure anything.


The Fait avec Coeur 30 momme silk pillowcase is 100% pure, organic mulberry silk, so it is made from the purest, smoothest silk on the market.


Silk weight?


The weight of silk is measured in units called momme. Momme weight describes the weight of 100 yards of silk that is four inches wide. Higher weight silk is woven to be heavier and denser, and therefore smoother and more durable.


The density and yarn count of the silk thread controls the weight. In a way, the momme of a silk weave is similar to the thread count of a cotton weave.


Basically, the heavier the momme silk weight is, the more luxurious it will be. A silk momme weight of 22-25 momme silk is considered to be very good quality. 30 momme is pure luxury.


The highest silk weight is 30 momme for the very best silk pillowcases. That makes our Fait avec Coeur organic silk pillowcases ultra-luxurious at 30-momme, and the softest silk on Earth.


Grade of silk?


Silk quality is graded using A, B, and C. The highest quality silk is Grade A, which is a long-strand silk made from pearly white cocoons. Silk grades are further distinguished by numbers: Grade A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A.


Grade 6A is the finest silk on the market, and is the grade of silk used for Fait avec Coeur’s silk pillowcases. The higher quality the silk, the more durable and long-lasting, With our pillowcases, you’ll be resting your head on soft-to-the-touch silk for years to come.


Additional Considerations


While the quality of silk in your pillowcase is of high importance, don’t settle there. Because you deserve the best, consider these specifications too.




The sustainability of a fabric is determined by its production, the care and upkeep, and its effects on the environment and community. Silk is zero-waste, renewable, and can even be 100 percent biodegradable if there are no toxic chemicals or additives.


At Fait avec Coeur, we aim to create luxury goods that are sustainable and use environmentally friendly practices.


Our mulberry trees grow on land that is not used for food crops, our silk facilities avoid pesticides, and we produce silk without using toxic chemicals or growth hormones.


While water is essential for multiple stages of silk production, our facilities at Fait avec Coeur are water conscious with water treatment as an additional stage. This means that freshwater is conserved, and treated water is recycled.


You can read even more about Fait avec Coeur’s  mission to create sustainable silk pillowcases and other goods here, as well as explore the overall sustainability of silk.


So, not only is the 30-momme Fait avec Coeur silk pillowcase made from the finest silk, it is 100% pure organic, sustainable silk.


That’s right - you can indulge in the best silk pillowcase and be eco-friendly.


Design, Size, and Color


Design details matter. The look and feel of your pillowcase affects your comfort and satisfaction with the overall product, so let’s make it all worthy of your investment.


First, one size does not fit all, so your pillowcase should be properly sized to fit your pillow. Fait avec Coeur offers queen and king size 30-momme organic pillowcases to cover your sizing needs.


Remember how less friction equals healthier hair and skin? We recommend our hidden zipper closure that will hold your pillow in place all night. It’s also extra-convenient to remove for easy hand washing, too.


Being made of the finest silk, Fait avec Coeur pillowcases are a lovely addition to any bedroom outfit. We offer many colors to match any of your seasonal decor inspirations, and these pillows are b-e-a-utiful.


Proper Packaging?


Don’t opt for some standard packaging - a luxurious, high quality silk pillowcase should be presented with elegance and style.


Check out what our recent customer Zara had to say about her recent Fait avec Coeur pillowcase purchase:



“They’re so beautifully packaged and are super soft and amazing to sleep on. I love using my pillow as it keeps me cooler in the night. It has so many good benefits too!! - super amazing for both your skin & hair🤩 xx”


Fait avec Coeur provides sustainable packaging worth gifting - and you can absolutely be the recipient!


Oh, by the way, we also offer our silk pillowcases with matching silk eye masks and face masks as a part of our essential travel and gift sets. You can even mix and match the colors!


Final Words


You deserve a silk pillow made from the finest, organic materials that both looks incredibly chic and feels like a dream. Luxury meets beauty benefits and sustainability with the The Fait avec Coeur 30 momme 100% Pure Organic Silk Pillowcase.


Fait avec Coeur’s silk pillowcases are made from the highest quality materials to offer you exceptional beauty rest for years to come. Don’t settle for anything less.


Time to Shop!

Find our 30 momme 100% Pure Organic silk pillowcases in several gorgeous colors,  along with other high quality, sustainable goods at


All of Fait avec Coeur's silk products are OEKO-TEX®BSCI, and ISO certified.