7 Hot Wellness Trends To Increase Your Health And Happiness This Holiday Season

Are you mentally preparing yourself for the upcoming holiday season? Every year around this time we start to wind down from a year of working hard, and we may find it tempting to fall into bad habits over the holiday season.


Many of us spend the holiday season celebrating, letting our hair down, and putting our health and wellness on the back-burner until January. This then makes our New Year resolutions so much harder to achieve. But why put yourself through all that when you can enjoy the festivities, while still maintaining your health and wellness. You can do this simply by using the earth’s own natural cycle to harness your own inner power.


Let’s get stuck into the best wellness trends this holiday season that are affordable, (relatively) easy, and effective.


What Are The Latest Health Trends?

Health trends do come and go. But some certainly are going to be here to stay. It’s always best to listen to your needs and change your health and wellness journey accordingly. Your healing wellness journey is not meant to be stagnant. It is meant to change, flow, and grow as you do. 

You can use this list for inspiration when you’re feeling like you need to shift gear and change it up.

When considering your wellness journey it’s about finding balance — especially in work and play. Not only that, but it’s also about finding the balance of catering to your body, mind, and spirit. Ensuring that you pay just as much attention to your emotional and mental health as you do your body. After all, the body is the vessel that contains—and often controls—the mind.


Plant-Based Diets

Plant-based diets, organic whole foods, and clean eating are continuing to be a major focus. And with good reason. You are what you eat and your body can have control over your mind. When you eat poorly it can affect your hormones, which in turn affects your moods and how you feel.

It can be hard to change your diet—especially when you go all gung-ho and try to change a million things at once. Doing an entire life reset is the quickest way to ensure it doesn’t last. The best way to create good habits is to start in small measures with consistency. Make one change at a time, and get that habit fully formed and embodied before you tackle another. And remove all temptations. That means donating all your artificial sugar-laden cookies and carbonated drinks to the nearest person in need. Sorry, not sorry.

Organic food is not only good for you, but it’s also great for sustainability as it helps to prevent environmental damage and encourages reoccurring crops through land and water health.


CBD Products (Cannabidiol)

CBD (cannabidiol) products are a great example of a brand new emerging trend that is going from strength to strength. CBD comes from the cannabis plant—and it has now become a legal health and wellness medicine in countries like Canada and the USA. 

To cut a long story short, scientists have found a way to separate the compounds in cannabis that can make you high, from the ones that can’t. And they discovered that the compound called cannabidiol has medicinal properties without the psychoactive effects.

Please note, that some CBD products do contain traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. So be sure to check the brand and supplier carefully if you don’t wanna rock down to electric avenue, or let him take you higher. The traces of THC are at minimally low levels in legal CBD products, so they don’t generally produce any effects. But there have been some reports of psychoactive changes after using CBD products that contain THC.

That being said, pure CBD is now being used to medically treat epilepsy, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s disease, muscle diseases, Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, and more. And you can now find this miracle natural compound popping up in health stores across the world.

Hemp oil is another magical ingredient that is derived from the cannabis plant, and it also contains zero THC. Hemp oil is a botanical wonder drug for the skin as it contains antioxidants; is non-comedogenic—meaning that it won’t clog your pores; and it is high in good fatty acids which replenish the skin. 

If you’re ready to get the benefits of hemp seed oil to help improve your natural glow then check out the EarthWise Marshmallow Face Cleanser which contains organic hemp seed oil along with a variety of other plant-based ingredients such as organic marshmallow root, organic aloe vera, and organic chamomile buds. The EarthWise Marshmallow Face Cleanser is designed to soothe and tame inflamed, sensitive, or aggravated skin by nourishing it back to health with plants that heal.


Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a treatment that you can perform at home or in special red light therapy spas. Red light therapy boxes are great for improving the skin’s appearance, helping muscles to heal, for emotional issues such as depression, and loads more. 

Red light wavelengths help to increase and improve oxygenation and blood flow to the skin which makes it a great natural treatment for acne. And red light therapy lovers enjoy this non-invasive treatment because it requires zero downtime, unlike many other skin procedures. Meaning that you can pop yourself in front of your red light therapy box and do your makeup straight after before heading out to the office, or for lunch with friends. And no one will know that you’ve been using a secret weapon to unlock that radiant skin.


Blocking Blue Light

Sleep hygiene is definitely a common topic, but it also deserves to be a reoccurring theme. Sleep is incredibly important for the body and mind. Entrepreneurs around the world swear by a sleep ritual and regular sleep schedule for biohacking that allows them to perform at their fullest capacity.

Ensuring that you get to bed on time and getting up early can be the best foundation for a productive and balanced day. But did you know that the light’s around you, including technology could be putting your sleep ritual out of whack?

LED light emits blue light wavelengths. Blue light wavelengths are naturally emitted from the sun which in turn, controls sleep hormones and the sleep-wake cycle. But because our world is now saturated by technology and artificial lightsthat also emit blue light wavelengths—you can dis-regulate your own body without realizing it.

So how do you combat overexposure to blue light wavelengths? You can purchase blue light blocking light bulbs, turn all technology to night mode as the sun sets, and preferably get off technology after sundown. This allows your body to come back to the circadian rhythm which naturally puts us to sleep at sundown and has us waking at sunrise.

Another helpful tip for getting a good night’s sleep is blocking out light pollution whilst you sleep. A decent eye mask such as the Fait avec Coeur 100% Pure Organic Silk Eye Mask helps you to stay asleep without stirring by blocking out any blue light coming from light pollution in your environment.


Slow Living 

We can thank the pandemic for driving us closer to sustainable living and slow living. Slow living incorporates minimalism and frugalism along with nature and community affirmative actions. During these tumultuous times which have turned the entire world on its head, we have been forced to look deeper, to recalibrate—and look within.

Many of our lifestyle choices simply weren’t sustainable and it was the COVID-19 pandemic that forced us to all reflect as we had no choice. Many of us have had a long-waited opportunity to opt for more self-sustaining lifestyle choices in food, careers, community, and overall wellness.

Minimalism has also crept into our beauty cabinets in the form of multi-use products that encourage us to simplify and declutter everything from our minds and lives. The Dew Mighty BLOOM Jelly Bar is a great example of minimalist beauty as it is specially designed for the face, skin, and hair. The Axiology Balmies and Highlighters are also another great choice for frugal babes looking to detox their lives from unnecessary clutter. These multipurpose vegan beauty balms cover every aspect of makeup from eyeshadow, blusher, to highlighter and lip stain. Say bye-bye to a million tubes and bottles of fancy potions and opt for these life-saving multipurpose products.


Financial Wellness

We often focus on physical health when it comes to wellness. Such as yoga, going to the gym, or taking a run in the park. But financial wellness is now on the rise with Gen-Z teaching the older crowd a thing or two about independence and the power of the internet.

Yes, everyone seems to like to scoff at Instagram ‘babes’ and Facebook ‘hunks’ whilst they snap their social media content and videos wherever on earth they please. But first of all; content creation is a full-time business that requires way more effort than slapping up a photo—proving they have dedication and discipline. Second of all; they’re shaping their own destiny and having a whale of a time doing it—which advocates for emotional wellness. And thirdly, they’re being paid well to do it, meaning that they aren’t bound by the financial constraints many others are enslaved by in unscalable 9-to-5 jobs—which highlights financial freedom.

Content creators and digital entrepreneurs are proving that it is possible to be financially free outside of the mainframe time-for-money network, along with proving that you can do it with little to no resources and start your dream life today. Yes, we should all be taking notes as Gen-Z teaches us about innovative financial wellness and how to create it, as opposed to simply wishing for it. Gone are the days of sacrificing happiness to survive.

You can combine financial wellness into slow living by making better financial decisions such as learning how to save money, how to start a sustainable business, and how to enjoy life without spending money. Surprise surpriseyes it’s possible. Think about going to the beach, or a mountain walk with your loved ones, as opposed to a Michelin star meal that you won’t remember after that bottle of wine.

And if you’re looking to save money on your skin rituals then consider imperfect beauty as the perfect place to start.


Intuition Led Goal Setting

Allow your intuition and body to lead the way and listen. Another aspect of slowing down during a pandemic has been learning to listen. To hear when things are too busy, going too fast, or simply rolling forward in an unhealthy manner. So many of us were striving towards goals led by society, as opposed to our true authentic selves. 

Coming back to mindfulness practices like meditation, mindful eating, and conscious action helps you to develop the witness and observer. The observer is able to detach from thoughts and watch them. Contemplating your thoughts allows you to decipher at critical momentsthis is what I want, but is it really what I need?


Sustainability is inexplicably tied to wellness because without wellness there is no sustainability for humankind. Sustainable wellness allows us to thrive and create better habits for the next generations to watch, learn from, and improve on. They’re relying on us to lead the way.

The wellness industry is constantly changing as our world flows and evolves. Challenging us to find more fruitful ways to connect with ourselves and find happiness and love where there may be stress and fear. As we eagerly step towards a new year, and a fresh start. We hope these gems of inspiration guide you back to light and most of all—sincere love.


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Carmen Lee is a certified yoga teacher, childbirth doula, and wellness coach. She educates on womb wellness, sacred wisdom, and ancestral-connected living. You’ll find her passionately advocating radical self-care and transformational self-empowerment through sustainable beauty and self-love rituals.


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