7 Awesome Zero Waste Skincare Brands To Support 

Have you been looking for zero waste skincare brands to support that produce products that are kinder to the environment?

We all love TLC skincare products that allow us to feel fresh and revitalized. But it doesn’t taste so sweet when we know that those same products are damaging the ocean and the earth.

In this article, we explore some awesome zero waste skincare brands for your beauty routine that use recyclable packaging and zero waste packaging.

What Are The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Skin Care Packaging?

Using eco-friendly skincare packaging within the beauty industry prevents unnecessary damage to the environment, and protects public health through decreased contamination of the environment. The beauty industry is a notorious culprit of environmental damage, but there are lots of emerging brands that are committed to changing the game.

There is a massive push towards plastic-free packaging due to the shocking figures of the beauty industry’s contributions towards waste and plastic pollution. Forbes reported that the beauty industry creates more than 120 billion pieces of packaging each year.²

The issue is that most of these units of packaging are single-use plastics that do not get recycled. This results in them being sent to landfills or ending up in the ocean. However, eco-friendly packaging does not always mean sustainable. For example, paper and cardboard are biodegradable, however, they requires a high amount of deforestation in order to produce paper and cardboard-based packages.

Sustainable packaging is the most beneficial focus as we move towards ethical beauty practices. Sustainable packaging ensures that beauty industry containers for beauty or skincare products are not only biodegradable but that they cause the least harm to the environment during the production and manufacturing process too.

Benefits Of Sustainable Skin Care Packaging

  • Helps to reduce the global carbon footprint
  • Cruelty-free (wildlife and animal friendly)
  • Biodegradable
  • Reusable or easily recyclable
  • Free from potentially harmful chemicals

What Does Sustainable Skincare Mean?

Sustainable skin care takes into account the holistic impact on the health of the consumer, the environment, and often the workers in the manufacturing and production process too. Sustainable skin care seeks to minimize the impact of the product on the environment from production and manufacturing all the way to distribution and post-use.

Zero-waste brands are particularly cool because they are actively seeking to find new ways to reinvent the beauty industry and eliminate plastic from packaging altogether. They focus on minimizing or removing the need for single-use plastics and waste from the product.

Zero Waste Skincare Brands


Blendily is a zero-waste skincare and beauty brand that proudly produces botanical infusions within sustainable packages. Their handmade products range from baby oil and facial serum to hair oils. They are women-owned and grow their ingredients within their own magical gardens and in local surroundings. 

Their philosophy is to empower the natural skincare journey of women and they inspire intuitive self-care rituals. The founder of Blendily, Ivy Chang, is committed to wisdom keeping the sacred healing practice of botanical alchemy. From humble beginnings in her garden shed, Ivy Chuang has manifested her dream as a successful botanical alchemist through Blendily.

Face Theory 

Face Theory is a vegan, cruelty-free, zero-waste brand that pioneers beauty with a purpose. Their mission is to provide affordable but effective skincare products that allow clean beauty to be accessible and kind.

You’ll find them stocking plant-based beauty and skin care products from zero waste makeup to face masks. Face Theory combines science with delicious natural formulas. They use glass jars and aluminum lids to house their beauty concoctions, whilst committing to sustainability as a core brand value. 

You’ll not find any parabens in their ranges, just lots of earth-friendly ingredients combined into a potion oflove. Face Theory reminds their customers that self-love and self-acceptance are the keys to beauty and happiness, which is just amazing and empowering in itself.

Dew Mighty

Tiffany, the founder of Dew Mighty, had a dream of creating ‘unbottled slow beauty’, and she successfully started her sacred activism through Dew Mighty. Her products are carbon neutrally shipped and she commits to using only the purest ingredients that nourish all skin types. 

Dew Mighty is pioneering minimalist sustainable beauty through the Bloom Jelly Serum Bar which is a zero-waste waterless serum bar infused with the finest botanical ingredients. This minimalist bar replaces your serum, moisturizer, and facial oil and can also be used to hydrate your hair. We love multipurpose products.

This nourishing serum bar brightens complexion, calms the skin, smooths texture, and reduces inflammation or irritation. Made with jojoba oil, ylang-ylang, and hibiscus seed oil, this innovative creation is a must-try for women who want to reduce their products whilst still having access to high-quality luxury beauty products that work.


Upcircle is meticulous in considering every aspect that a skincare brand possibly could, on its journey to creating circular beauty. Their products are handmade, palm-oil free, contain organic ingredients, whilst also being vegan and cruelty-free. Their commitment to sustainable and zero-waste skin care products ensures that when choosing to support UpCircle you are contributing to the new age of ethical beauty.

Their mission is to ‘upcycle’ the beauty industry by paving the way for ethical practices and products. Their ingredients include food waste, such as coffee, which has been transformed into luxurious and nourishing beauty products for ethical consumers. 

You don’t have to consider parabens, silicones, mineral oil, parfum, sls, or sulfates when supporting UpCircle. They have got you covered with easy clean beauty products that protect your skin, and the earth.

Anna and Will, the co-founders of this revolutionary skin care brand, have proudly taken their concept from dream to reality and landed Urban Outfitters as their first retail partner. UpCircle saves coffee grounds from coffee shops all across London and upcycles them into lovingly made effective beauty products as their Coffee Face Scrub with Citrus Blend, Eye Cream With Maple And Coffee, and Organic Face Serum With Coffee Oil.

Their products are brimming with organic ingredients and plant-based natural goodies such as jojoba oil, shea butter, orange peel, sea buckthorn oil, and rosehip oil. Formulated especially to hydrate, nourish, protect, and heal the skin through botanical and natural ingredients that are ‘reused, repurposed, and reloved’.


Hannah the founder of Acala aspires to change the world through her successful brand that focuses on making conscious beauty accessible. Sustainability and accessibility to quality products that nurture natural beauty are at the heart of the Acala beauty brand. 

Acala focuses on using the earth's resources wisely and establishing a fundamental balance between humans and the environment. Acala stocks everything from makeup, haircare, and beauty care, to a wide range of self-care products. Acala is almost zero-waste and is currently in the process to transition completely away from plastic packaging altogether. We are excited to support the journey of Acala into the manifestation of their zero-waste new beginnings. 

Blue Heron Botanicals

With every purchase from Blue Heron Botanicals, you save a baby turtle. If that doesn’t sell you on this sustainable beauty brand, I don’t know what will. This woman-owned brand is committed to creating premium quality balms, lip balms, and tattoo care products.

They pride themselves on hand picking wild herbs and infusing them with high-quality, organic oils, to blend unique and potent hydrating balms. Blue Heron is cruelty-free and uses eco-friendly packaging that is entirely plastic-free and compostable.

Activist Skincare

Activist Skincare allows you to put your money into a beauty brand that supports real change. They donate 5% of every single purchase back into projects that protect the environment and their vegan ingredients are packaged into plastic-free glass bottles that can be refilled. 

From antioxidant serums and facial oils to cleansing gels, activist skincare doesn’t disappoint. Their ‘4-step method’ promotes a minimalist skincare routine that supports all skin types through natural active ingredients.


If you’re looking for zero waste companies that genuinely care about the ingredients they are putting into their products and the effect they have on not only you but also the earth - then sustainable zero waste products are the way to go.

Check out the zero-waste skincare brands within this article and you’ll find every product that you need to fill your beauty cabinet. Stock up on zero waste products that are rich with active sustainable ingredients that allow your skin to vibrantly glow from its own inherent natural beauty.

Carmen Lee is a certified yoga teacher, childbirth doula, and wellness coach. She educates on womb wellness, sacred wisdom, and ancestral-connected living. You’ll find her passionately advocating radical self-care and transformational self-empowerment through sustainable beauty and self-love rituals.

Some of the products promoted in our blog are from our online store. Many others are brands we have researched and found to be great examples of sustainable, ethical, and innovative brands in their field, and we don't make any profit from mentioning them in our blog. #CollaborationOverCompetition


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