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Why choose our mulberry silk

We only use the highest quality mulberry silk. 
The chemical process involved in silk production has a far lower impact compared to that used in synthetics or conventional cotton production. Silk is also good for use with low impact dyes, which contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the process of fabric coloring.
Mulberry silk is a strong and highly durable fabric, as long as it is treated with respect and care. It is also a natural fiber, that is readily biodegradable material after serving its useful life. You can then use it in the production of compost or mulch, instead of dumping it at the garbage site, as you would do with the majority of petroleum-based fabrics.
Besides being 100% hypoallergenic, Mulberry silk is also odorless and as such will not require any “airing out.” This is a robust, breathable fabric, a major plus when compared to other wild silks.
The art of raising and growing domesticated silkworms is, by nature, highly sustainable. When produced by weavers using handlooms, silk fabric leaves a near-zero energy carbon footprint, satisfying the majority of global sustainable fabric production guidelines.